Growing a Golden Rain Tree Please...

gardenlady48(z5 IL)June 20, 2013

Last year I had many seedlings growing under my mature GRT. Garden friends wanted one so I pulled them up...dipped in rooting hormone and planted in pots. They would look good for a while and the die off. I put 8 of them in a holding bed over the winter and only 2 survived. What the heck? Why are these so touchy ? Any growing tips to offer? TIA

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Maybe they are root sprouts, not seedlings?

No tips, I can't stand the things.

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Rooting hormone is used to encourage rooting of cuttings that have no roots. Putting it on seedlings which already have roots would very likely burn the existing roots right off.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

for general info.. google your title ... might help to throw in the latin name ...

you might not run across someone with direct experience.. here on GW

but there has to be a better way.. than just winging it.. though. i have to say.. thats how i learned.. lol.. before the www


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yardenman(z7 MD)

I have 2 golden rain trees (Koelreuteria paniculata), one on either side of the entrance to my driveway. I love them. However, one grew a standard trunk and one grew branches from the base. It looks a bit odd if you look carefully. But they seem to both be topping out at about 15' so it probably doesn't matter. They are in difficult locations with the driveway, street, and storm drains; but they seem quite happy and I'm pleased about that.

Now, to the point of gardenlady48's question. I don't specifically find much about goldenrain tree cutting propogation but there are some general rules I have used successfully.

I would recommend trying a late Spring twig cutting (one with no buds and new growth), use your root hormone, set the cutting in potting soil in a 3" pot, water lightly from the bottom, keep the cutting in indirect light, give it a loose clear plastic cover, and wait 6 weeks (keeping the pots barely moist from the bottom).

After 6 weeks, turn the pot upside down and tap the soil out into the other hand. If you see roots, set it back in and give it some better sunlight, and a larger pot if the roots are growing well. Discard any that are just sticks.

You can also try growing them from the seeds. I haven't tried that but some suggestions are here:

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I also need help please - I live in Austin Texas. I have tried twice now to plant/grow a Golden Rain Tree from 2-4 ft purchased saplings. In both cases, the tree grew fine through the initial spring and summer, but after the first winter, both of them grew back but only from the base with multiple stems...kinda like a bush. Also in both cases, the main trunk never came back with any leaves - like it died. But the stems from the bottom grew. What causes this and what can I do to stop it? I want a single trunk.

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