Tree dying, possibly disease or bug? (pictures)

bushpilot223June 24, 2013

I hope this is an appropriate place for this (new member)

I have picture links (photobucket) at the bottom of the post.

The tree appears to be dying. In the pictures you can see the Pussy Willow behind it also appears to be dying, as well as several others around the area. Another smaller tree next to the one that is dying (poplar) also appears to becoming discolored.

I'm posting here because I wanted to see what people who knew what they were talking about think about it. My father (his trees) is being stubborn, and won't call anyone to come out and take a look at them. All of this has happened within the past 2-4 days. Also, the other poplars around it are untouched, even though the trees are close enough to each other that they touch.

Thanks for any input!


Image links:

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For photobucket, use the 3rd link down to post a photo.
The trees are definitely dying.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you use the HTML CODE .. and on preview.. if you see it... we will see it ...

it is not necessarily the third down ... but it is for you ..

anyway ... direction of sun??? .. the smaller shrubs.. look like they are now shaded out.. as the poplars outgrew them ... and they aint happy about that ...

also .... the poplars are probably sucking all the moisture out of the soil... in an area twice as large as the canopy above ...

thats not a great pruning stub .. but that didnt kill the tree ..

where is dad.. and how bad was last years heat and drought???

any recent construction ..

how about a pic of the trunk at the ground ...

a call to the county extension office.. might get you a quick answer about any plagues running thru the area.. in regard to poplar ...

all that said.. poplar are an extremely fast growing.. short lived tree ... i wish dad had planted something better ,,, or at least every other tree a better tree...

i planted sticks of poplar.. simply shoved them in the ground.. in 5 years they were 20 feet tall ... in 7 years.. they were gone ... as that was the last season i could do it myself with my chainsaw .. and they were already breaking down enough for me to realize that it was going to cost me money i didnt have.. if i didnt get rid of them ASAP ... but having figured this in advance.. i had planted many oak ... and they were nice sized.. by the time the poplar had to go ....


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