Large tree falls on tent at campground, killing 10yr old girl. :(

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)June 2, 2014

My heart goes out to the family. She was inside the tent with her father and 13yr old brother. She was the only one killed.

I am including a link for the video of the story. Could someone tell me what kind of tree it was? They are saying possibly it was the 1.5 inches of rain they got that caused the otherwise healthy tree to fall, but 1.5 inches? How in the world could THAT be enough to bring a large tree down?

Here is a link that might be useful: Milwaukee Fox Channel 6

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The one I keep seeing on the video looks a northern red oak. Could be another red oak or a black oak. Looks to me like it snapped clean most likely from high wind.

What a horrible tragedy =( Apparently the girl died lying next to her father while he was immobilized and unable to help her as she passed. I can't even begin to fathom how he will deal with this. Hopefully, his family will be there to support him.

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I imagine, because I've seen that happen with a horizontal wind sheer to a perfectly healthy one. Snapped right at ground level, and had one snap half-way up where it grew bent and then straightened ..obvious weak point with gravity working against it. I've also had a tree or two on an incline go over pulling roots out of the ground from saturated soils, but that one is obvious. It is just one of those horribly freaky accidents they call act of God where nothing could have been done before the fact to prevent it. Very sad.

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In keeping with the spirit of some on this forum, we should cut them all down as some where at some time another will fall and kill more people. ;-)

Seriously I can not imagine the helplessness of lying there trapped, beside your daughter and knowing and see her die, and not be able to do a thing. It would seriously affect your life.

May God be with them and see them through this troubled time

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I feel bad for the family. Being in a wooded area is so peaceful and in summer it's much cooler, It is something I am trying to create in some sections of my yard. But there is always a chance of that happening. More folks would have them overhanging their homes if not for the real possability. Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious. When you add up the accidents to how many homes don't have an accident, and have big trees near homes, I myself would check my trees diligently, and take the chance, but to each their own. I know this was not in someones yard, though.

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During the derecho a couple of years back I watched out a window as FIVE enormous old oaks and hickories went snap-snap-snap-snap-snap in the woods behind my home- just like a row of dominoes.
While I was grateful for the firewood I was also scared sh*tless by the ease at which they were snapped.

Nature is mighty.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Man, as a father, I feel terrible for that father. I can't imagine losing someone like that. :-(

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