Dividing Ferns; Holly Fern

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)August 14, 2007

I have had luck dividing maidenhair and japanese painted ferns any time during the growing season.Have you? I now want to divide japanese holly fern. new to me this past year, it has been very happy and has enlarged considerably. does this divide like the other types I mentioned and does it matter when I do it? I appreciate your experience



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Mindy, are you sure you want to do this?
I grow Cyrtomium fortunei, the most hardy of all of Jap. holly ferns and had a hard time to get it established in my zone. To keep it alive was another challenge.
You are lucky to find a spot where it overwintered (do I read it correct?) for you, so I wouldn't touch it at all and most definitely not at this time of the year.
Are we talking about same fern?

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

yes, we are talking about the same fern. wow, yipeeee!!!!
something is happy with me that's difficult to grow? that's just a miracle!! anyway, when can i divide it? and have you had luck, as i have, dividing jap painted ferns and maidenhair ferns- in midsummer(july/aug)? i just divided one of my really happy maidenhairs and she didn't even skip a beat.


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I've moved painted ferns at different times of the year and in some cases they split apart on their own. All parts survived and prosper.
I don't have any maidenhair ferns growing now. Tried once, drowned it and never bought again. I should try it again.
Re: Cyrtomium. I've read somewhere that they are easy from seeds indoor. Maybe instead of dividing it you want to try it from seeds which holly ferns produce in abundance. Just a thought.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

george, why did you say not to divide "especially not now"
if other ferns have been divided well throughout the season?
seeds are a no go for me unfortunately.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

I've been looking at mine and pondering whether to divide it or no. If I do decide I think I will do it in the spring.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

this site says e spring or fall, so here i go...!

Here is a link that might be useful: j. holly fern info

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

This fern did survive fall division, but was clearly traumatized by it. Every other site i found this yr- says to divide in e. Spring, so I will follow them (and George's) advice next spring.

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