Toured Ken's garden!

mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)August 7, 2011

Ken gracioiusly hosted my sister and I yesterday - wow is there some fantastic stuff there!

I worked a 17 hour day Friday so was pokey as a turtle Saturday morning and was running late. To top that off, I forgot my purse at my sister's house, so after we headed out and I realized that, had to turn around and retrieve that (because, of course, just when you don't have your driver's license something happens...). Then I had to call Ken because I kinda sorta got "lost" (not really lost-lost, just couldn't find the turn-off). Fortunately, Ken was very nice about my lateness and proceed to give me his "$50 tour" which really was more like the $500 tour - spent ~2 hours checking out all the great plants!

First off, what a view! He's posted pictures of the view off his deck before on the perennials forum, and pictures don't do it justice - beautifully laid out beds, it's such a relaxing, peaceful panorama off the deck.

You all know Ken has a great hosta collection - some really well-grown specimens, most of which I've never seen before. He even has one named after him :0).

What really impressed me was the collection of conifers and trees - wow! Some fantastic specimens I've never actually heard of let alone seen. Variegated conifers, conifers with blue cones, deciduous conifers - it goes on and on. Loved the variegated ginko in particular, and I've never seen daphnes grown so well - I'd like to pick one up next spring if I find one locally, I just loved the specimens he had.

Ken's wife and children are lovely - they came out to say hello before heading out. It did sprinkle for a while, but that didn't really put a damper on things, we just got out the umbrellas (actually, Ken's daughter thoughtfully ran out out to us) and carried on, and like was discussed in a post from the other day, can often seen plants better on a cloudy day. When the sun finally did come out when we were wrapping things up, it was getting brutal with the hot sun and horrid humidity, so it actually worked out in that regard.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, but my sister did take notes on the hostas I was particularly interested in, since I'm on the hunt for some variegated specimens for my beds.

Had a really nice time, learned some interesting factoids, got some good pointers on plant shipping, and he even was kind enough to dig up a hosta for me to take home, which I potted up today.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Ken!! :0)

"Praying Hands" hosta from Ken:

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MollyDog(6 PA)

Pictures never do gardens justice. How fortunate you were to have visited...wish we could all visit each others gardens.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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What fun! It is great to meet other GWers and see their gardens.

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I got that Hosta 'Praying Hands' this year. Mine looks just like that one. I love it!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Someday I'd like to tour Ken's garden, too. My Praying Hands has multiplied quickly in its pot. It went from four eyes last year to twelve this year. I also have Golden Creeping Jenny growing in the pot with it. I should take a pic, the simple combo looks good in my dark colored pot and the Jenny has really filled out now. I like the pot yours is in, btw. Once that baby fills out it'll look great!


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it was so great.. to have an interested CAPTIVE audience.. lol ...

but what happened at hallsons???? we need an update on that please ...

i think she said she was leaving the country.. now that she saw my garden .. lol ... so i dont think we will get the hallson update for a week or so ...

thanks for the gift of muffins .. the family tore those apart the next morning .... thx for coming.. and thx for pretending to be interested ... lol


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