An Anemone Robustissima question

aachenelf z5 MplsAugust 18, 2013

This past spring I purchased 1 of these plants from Bluestone as kind of an experiment to see how well it would do in a particular location. From a 3 inch pot, I now have a plant about 15 inches across (foliage mass) about to bloom. It grew well.

In fact, now that I've seen how well it has done I want more next year. So the question is: How do these multiply and how fast? Could I safely assume this one could be divided next spring or will it spread out on its own? Or should I just plan on ordering some more plants next spring? I think I would like to devote a whole bunch of space in this bed to anemones.



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LOL!! They multiply easily and fast!! As some sources state: " It's an extremely robust and vigorous plant that is best suited to naturalizing. It will overwhelm other plants and may become a nuisance in a bed."

I wouldn't bother either purchasing more or even dividing what you have - what you have will fill the bed in no time.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Well, that's good news (I think?).

I wonder though if it will be as robust in my climate? I guess time will tell. I did grow this one once in a much sunnier, drier part of my garden and it didn't do well at all. In fact, it died after 1 season, but that was probably due to my neglect. I'm now motivated to keep this one going. Funny how that goes.


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Hi there,
In my experience those Anemones dont start so easy. I transplanted some divisions of my own plants and they started growing properly in the third season. As to sunny or shady location: with moist soil they flower much more in part to full sun, and they prefer heavy soils.

As for dividing: they spread by some kind of medium lenght runners or rhizomes, other than Phlox or Hosta that form a nice crown thingy.
I found it somewhat difficult to dig up proper sized rhizomes and not breaking off sprouting buds in the process.

Well, just give it a try, they are worth it,

Bye, Lin

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justmetoo(z5 IL)

Yes, Kevin, I think it will 'like' you just fine. I'm in zone 5 in IL and this plant loves me and my garden.

I had witnessed a huge clump at my local botanical garden prior to purchasing though, so I knew what it was capable of. I didn't plant in my main beds or mixed borders. I have several in several different places. Each place was selected to be fairly confined. At least that was the's a good 3ft out of it's allotted boundary and running towards my hedge after about six years in one spot.

It's just coming into bloom now and I've already been fond of it.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Thanks Lin and Justmetoo for answering the question about how they spread - a bit of a runner. That's OK. This one is planted in a rather confined bed - long and somewhat narrow, so it's an easy bed to maintain if by some chance this plant gets out of control.

The bed itself gets morning sun until around 2 pm or so and because it's in an easily reached area, I tend to water on a regular basis.

I kind of hope this plant spreads through most of this area. So far I really like it. The foliage is interesting, robust and healthy looking and the flower stems seem very sturdy which I really appreciate. Flopping of any sort is a real turn-off for me.


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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Mine is in very dry shade so stays put, it isn't very robust at all there. Which is fine by me - that's why I planted it there in the first place, to keep it under control.

Anemone will spread like gangbusters if they're happy - soil on the moist side, part-shade or sun (but lots of moisture if sunny spot). Foliage is stellar all season. I'm speaking mainly of the Japanese anemone, but same goes for Robustissima. They spread by those running rhizome thingies. They still pop up from time to time in areas where I had removed them.

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