Your best repeat blooming climbers? how about yellow/apricot?

Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTNJune 25, 2014

Hello All!

I am just wondering what your favorite climbing roses are? I am hoping to find one that has a good repeat bloom, and some fragrance. I would love if it could be in the yellow/peach/apricot family, but I am open to a rose of any color if it has an especially good repeat & strong fragrance.

I don't necessarily need a climber that will eat my whole house, just one I can grow up the side of my house on a medium sized trellis.

I have seen these around this forum and they look alluring:
Lady Hillingdon, Crepuscule, Teasing Georgia, Buff Beauty, Golden Showers, SDLM, Don Juan, Pearly Gates, America.......
but what would you recommend? If you grow or have grown any of these, how do they do for you?

I thought that I had made my mind up and was trying to seek out Lady Hillingdon as a climber, but I cannot find her anywhere... I saw an amazing photo that was in one of David Austin's books of Miss Hillingdon growing up the side of an old brick house probably in England somewhere, so I don't really even know if this rose would do the same for me or not But I cannot find it anywhere so it may not matter. I have tried all the places in the USA that are listed on HMF with no luck ....I also have tried to seek out Crepuscle with similar disappointing results. Maybe if I check again in spring.....

any random opinions will be appreciated!


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I think you might consider Cl Sunflare. It was available from Palatine last year and so far, mine seems to be free of virus. It grows quickly and vigorously and blooms profusely. For me, the flowers and foliage are much more attractive than those of the ubiquitous Golden Showers.

It puts out long, flexible canes, covered with shiny (like holly!) foliage. This is one of the few climbers I know of which is attractive even when not in bloom.

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

Maybe have a look at Golden Gate? ADR winner, gorgeous blooms and nice scent. I do not grow it myself but have admired it in gardens around here, it is a vigorous climber.
According to Kordes the scent is a mix of banana, lime and lemongrass.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Gate on HMF

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Colette is gorgeous with great repeat and a nice scent. I don't know how tall she'll really get, though. Mine's not tall yet, but I know that her repeat and colors are wonderful.

I also love Cl Royal Sunset! That one has more yellow at times and a stronger scent to my nose. Her repeat isn't as fast, though. It's still good, but not great like some roses are. Colette is great for me.

I love(d) Teasing Georgia! Georgeous, with a wonderful kind of a scent. Mine died over the awful winter because I didn't bury her graft. She had no apricot here, just yellow. She didn't repeat nearly as fast as Colette here either.

Royal Sunset smells the strongest of all the ones I mentioned, to me. But Colette is the best repeater and does have a nice fragrance, just not as strong.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I got my Crepuscule from Chamblee's. Try Roses Unlimited for Cl. Lady Hillingdon.

Colette is very nice indeed. Not huge, maybe 8' or so. There's also a pale yellow sport, 'Lunar Mist'.

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Roses Unlimited has Cl. Lady H, though you may have to wait until next year to get it. That is where I finally tracked one down this past year. It is growing well though not that huge yet.

Olga grows it well in one of the Carolina's I believe so you should be fine, here is a link to a beautiful post she put up about it:

Yeah in his book the Rose DA has a beautiful pic of it:

Make sure you get the climber, I also have the bush and while it is doing well for me, it is certainly not a climber.

Don Juan is a blooming beast, though red not at all yellow or apricot. It grows great for me, though depending on your trellis I am not certain it will get big enough. Mine tops out at around 14ft.

I have Cl America, but it is small and while it does bloom a lot, I can't tell you much else about it yet.

Some grow Graham Thomas as a climber here in the states, I am experimenting with this, but again not big enough yet.

I have heard great things about Papi Delbard as a climbing yellow, but no experience myself currently.

By all accounts Teasing Georgia and The Pilgrim are supposed to be great yellow climbers.

I had Golden Showers for a bit, but it never got full like I was looking for.

SDLM is supposed to be fantastic.

Royal gold and SKys the limit might be two others you look at for yellows.

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Kes Z 7a E Tn


I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I can tell you my experience with the following:

Crepuscule- This one grew on our property line.I loved that rose- fragrant, easy care, warm apricot color. I had it for 7-8 yrs. and it got to be huge. Unfortunately, DH accidentally killed it during spring clean-up.

Lady Hillingdon- Also grew on our property line and I had it for over 10 yrs. It did not make it through the past winter. Lovely flowers. It was not as vigorous as Crepuscule but I did not grow the climbing version. The nonclimber would have been fine in a spot where space was somewhat limited.

Buff Beauty- Also grows on our property line. This one is huge! It grows in at least half day shade and maybe more than that. The blooms are so pretty. Mine blooms best in spring with a few fall blossoms. A real survivor. It is over 10 yrs. old.

All these roses had next to no care after the first year I planted them. They all survived low care but no rose can survive everything. Sadly, round-up and polar vortex are two things that can take them out.

I got LH from Vintage- that won't help you. I forget where I got the other two. Maybe Roses Unlimited? They are (were) all grown on their own roots. Mail order is a good option for these roses since they can be hard to find locally. Hope this helps.

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Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTN

So many helpful & descriptive responses!

From what almost everyone says about Crepuscule, it seems to be the perfect rose, fragrant, constant bloomer, almost thornless, disease resistant.. what more can you ask for?! I decided that this one would be my first climbing purchase ever, and I found a website through "Dave's Garden" for a nursery called Niche Gardens, which had it in stock in 1 gallon containers. I am excited to see how it does, however now I have all these other amazing suggestions to consider as my second and third climbing roses.

I think I will put in an order at RU for the cl. Lady Hillingdon for next year because I just cannot get over the beauty in all the photos I have seen & I must give that rose a try.

Reve D'Or looks very intriguing as well, it seems to have as good of a repeat as Crepuscle, with a softer yellow/apricot coloring that looks almost ivory.. very lovely.

Buff Beauty looks lovely as well but I am not sure that I will have room for another rose that gets huge, I am sure Crepuscle will give me a run for my money in the garden space department in a few years.

Kingcobb, I know that Don Juan is a red, but since everyone seems to comment that he is so fragrant & such a heavy bloomer I think I may have to add it to my ever increasing "find a place for this rose" list. I think it would add some nice contrast to all this yellow/apricot.

I actually already have a rose that I have decided must be Teasing Georgia, I bought it cheap as an unlabeled, abused little thing from the "alley of impending doom" at my local nursery, and I have been nursing it back to health for a few weeks now. I posted photos of it here and a few helpful members have convinced me it is probably a Teasing Georgia. So if I can get it looking good and strong again, there is another climber for me to play around with! I'll link that post at the bottom.

Has anyone had any experience growing Pat Austin as a climber? I saw an image of it on this site somewhere and it was jaw-dropping, it finally made her "weak necks" seem like a good thing, because she looks beautiful from below.

Thanks again all!


Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery rose - Pretty sure it is Teasing Georgia

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I can highly recommend Reve d'Or, although it will grow large. Crepuscule is more chunky than I'd want a climber to be, and the flowers are not nearly as beautiful as Reve d'Or, although it reblooms well. I've grown Cl. Lady Hillingdon and it is beautiful, but in my opinion not more so than Reve d'Or, but then I love the apricot, sometimes pink-tinged color of RdO.

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Try Prosperity if you need a white. A wonderful repeat bloomer - it never stops.

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There is also a pink Don Juaun as well as the red. I have both and the fragrance and rebloom is awesome.

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Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTN

Ok, so I ended up purchasing Reve D'Or, and Crepuscule thanks to lots of assistance from posters, I now have changed my thoughts on where they will be going and I'm happy with what I've come up with

..... then out of nowhere I also decided to add a climbing Crimson Glory to my September order, I don't know what came over me, but I'm excited and I think I can squeeze it in somewhere, it seems like they don't seem to grow into monsters like the others do.
I think I have caught the climbing rose fever.


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My favorite repeat bloom Climber is Galway Bay. Becomes a real pain deadheading all the time. Strong canes. Mine is about 7x6

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charleney(8a PNW)

POLKA, POLKA, POLKA!!!! That meets all the criteria and more.

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My favorite climbers are Climbing La France and Sombreuil.

Climbing Lady Hillingdon is one of the most beautiful roses that I've ever seen. The woman I knew who grew it was in zone 6b so it should do just fine in 7a provided of course you site it correctly against a south facing wall.

Reve d'Or ties with Mme. Alfred Carriere as perhaps the highest rated Noisette. You really can't go wrong with it.

Climbing Crimson Glory is a drop dead gorgeous dark red climbing rose with a fragrance to die for. Unfortunately I've read spotty reports on its vigor. It seems to do great in the Deep South and Texas, but elsewhere can be slow to establish itself.

Image of La France by Labrea-7NYC.

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