Plastic wrap

gunnysax45February 10, 2014

Hello. I have some really nice clear plastic containers, but no covers. After putting holes in the bottom for drainage, can I use Glad Wrap as a cover. It is the sticky brand of plastic wrap. Thanks for any response.

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You can use that, but in heavy snow or rain it may not hold up. A heavier plastic would be better. Some people have used some type of prop to hold the plastic up. Don't forget holes in the top for air and water movement.

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Saran Wrap, Glad Wrap and other 'cling' wraps aren't going to be strong enough as Duane states. Ideas for plastic - clear heavy duty garbage bags, the clear bag inside cereal boxes, grocery/take-out bags, bags used to delivery newspapers/flyers to your home, bread bags, etc. You can also check your local grocery store. Some produce is delivered in boxes with a nice inside plastic lining - example - bananas.

Remember that the plastic does not have to be perfectly clear. As long as light can get through it then it's good.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

the plastic wraps, even the heavier glad press and seal one will not hold up to being buried in snow or temps below freezing.
Been there, done that 11 years ago and it was a failure.

I've used ziploc type plastic bags to slip containers into and then used a razor blade to slice holes in the bag, both top and bottom for drainage and air vents and they will hold up to the snow and below freezing, even below zero temps and buried in the snow. Usually I use the local store brand bags and they are fine.

If you wait till closer to mid spring, for me that is mid April on, the glad press and seal will work well, but I've found that, depending on the edges of the container you are using, you may need to use something to hold the press and seal on to the container.

I use real cheap wooden clothes pins. Picked them up at a dollar store about 5 years ago and just keep reusing them over and over again.


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I also tried the plastic wrap a couple years ago. As others said, didn't hold up that well. I used rubber bands to hold it on the containers. The rubber bands also gave out pretty quickly.

I still use it, but mainly for the annuals I plant in late March. When danger of blizzards is theoretically gone.

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I have used sandwich bags. Then I made "tent" using hangers. I cut the hanger and used it as the support. Put bag over and tied. Yes, rubber bands will not last long. Just a thought.

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I use freezer bags. They are a little stronger than sandwich bags. The bottom of a gallon jug size container, fits nicely into the 11 x 11 inch size. I don't bother sealing them.

I love the ease of slipping the container in and out, as I check my seeds/seedlings often.

I buy the large rubber bands (which I use if I use flat piece of plastic as a lid) at a stationary store, and they usually last for one season.

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I use handi-wrap on my kitty litter containers that I use for WSing. I cut the kitty litter container down to about 5 inches in heighth and then cut a "collar" from the rest the container. I spread the handi-wrap over the container and use the collar to hold it in place, cutting slits in the handi-wrap. Never had a problem with snow or low temps. Squirrels, yes, but plastic netting over all the containers takes care of the squirrels!
I use the cheep store brand handi-wrap.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I've used plummer's tape to hold the plastic taught on cake containers from the bakery. Milk jugs are still my favorite by far.


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