Is this really Candyland??

nummykitchenJune 13, 2014

I bought this rose as Candyland last year from Heirloom. I planted it late and the first couple of blooms looked like this last year but I attributed it to a late start and a really hot summer. Here is my first bloom of the season and I'm not feeling the Candyland vibe. I do see some striping, very faint, and it fades to a pink color, but I would say it is more orange/salmon and yellow than anything.


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seil zone 6b MI could be. The outer petals have some of the striping like mine did but not the inner ones. It's really hard to say. You might want to wait for the next bloom and see what that looks like.

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Thank you Seil, your photo is what I was expecting mine to look like! I have some more buds forming so it will be a couple of weeks but I will post again when they bloom and we can try to figure this one out! :)


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