Toro 1132 - Leaking Gas

rhjo51December 5, 2011

Hello Guys, I have a 1979 TORO 1132 Snowblower MOD 38090. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 252412 with the "Large Two-Piece Flo-Jet Carburetor". I took the carb apart and cleaned it good, but now the carb has a constant leak of gas out of where the choke shaft is. The leak will drain the gas tank.

Any idea what is causing this leak? Needle valve for the bowl stuck open?

Thanks for your help. - Jim

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Well, yes..........this indicates leakage past the needle valve.
There can be more reasons than simply being "stuck open".
If the float itself is made of brass (old school) there is a good chance the float has developed a leak and is partially filled with gasoline and therefore no longer buoyant enough to close the needle valve with enough pressure to stop the flow of gasoline.
Or, the needle valve, or the valve seat may have pits (caused by corrosion) that prevent a tight seal.
Or, there might be a piece of debris caught between the needle valve and its seat. Debris of this nature may be a particle of fuel hose that has shed from the inside of deteriorating old hose.
Cases like this often need to be studied in the "before and after" sense.
Did the carb leak fuel before you cleaned it?
If yes, then a preexisting defect still persists.
If it did not leak before, your assembly may not be correct or the float level may be set wrong.
And be aware that carbs leaking even a little gas during storage can lead to engine destruction later if the engine lube oil is not changed.
All outdoor power equipment needs to have an inline fuel cutoff valve and the valve ALWAYS shut off except during actual operation of the engine. You just can't trust the carb needle valve to provide dependable fuel blocking during off periods.

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