Deere transmission question

nor_easter(z5 MA)December 2, 2010

So I was looking into a new mower for the 2011 season. I won't go into specifics about why I arrived at my decision to select a John Deere or a tractor vs. ZTR, but it was an internal debate over the last year or two as I realized my current tractor was on the way out.

Anyway, I was thinking of purchasing an X320 until I began to read reviews on CTR describing transmission problems owners had been encountering. The 300 series use TuffTorg K46 & K48 transmissions while the X500series only states that it is an automatic transmission w/ diff lock. Does anyone know what Deere is using in the X500 series? Do I really need to spend an extra $1600.00 simply to get a reliable transmission? I checked out the specs for the 2011 lineup and they seem to be using the same transmissions as the 2010 models that owners were complaining about?

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While the X3xx and X5xx share the same frame the X3xx is a lawn tractor while the X5xx is a garden tractor.

To answer your specific question, the X500 has a Tuff-Torq K72 transaxle which has a diff lock and you can change the oil where the K4x is not serviceable so you can't.

Here is a transaxle comparison for you...

Bear in mind that JD sells many thousands of the X3xx series and has for years and provides a long warranty on them. Those few who post about transmission problems are a very small percentage of X3xx owners and when pressed often admit that they are using their lawn tractors to go a garden tractor's job so it's no big surprise that they had transmission problems.

So the question you need to answer is... how much property do you have, what is the terrian like, and what do you want your new toy to do?

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X300 = K46

X320 = K58

X500 = K72

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Every complaint I've read about the transmission in an X3xx has ALWAYS been the K46 in the X300.

I can't recall reading a single complaint about the K58 in an X320.

You might want to review your research and check that.

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The K-72 is a great tranny and easy to service . I use the wheel lock feature every time I use it.

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