dieback on grafted canes...what is up with that

poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)June 25, 2013

Hello. I've been so busy in the garden. Getting this thing going is a real chore but very rewarding.
I've been looking at my grafted roses...those from last year and those from this year on Huey. There is a lot of browning on the canes and dieback. Serious borer action too.
The roses I ordered on multiflora and fortuniana don't have those issues...the graft seems so much "prettier"? It is really not noticeable at all.
I think perhaps I didn't plant them deep enough? The graft is just above the ground.
Lots of browning.
The multiflora grafteds seem much more vigorous (perhaps they are just more vigorous roses?).
Any advice appreciated.

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The thicker HT canes may be more attractive targets for borers.

Did you prune away all the damage in the Spring--back to white, undamaged centers? Alternately, I'll wait until late Spring and prune back to the really vigorous growth--the rose will tell you what canes are best to keep if you pay attention. Sealing the canes with white glue will keep out the borers. I use a thick non-drip variety for molding.

Fortuniana is known to be winter tender--so the fact that it does well suggests that the exposed grafts may not be an issue.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

As Zack says, it sounds like you didn't prune enough to get rid of winter damaged canes.

Exposed grafts will be an issue if the temperature drops to around zero, which it will in Nashville sooner or later. Plant future roses with the graft just underground. With long-shanked fortuniana grafts, plant the rose slanting at a 30-degree angle to the grade so you don't have to bury the rootstock roots a foot deeper than they want to be. Cut off any roots that would project above the surface because of the angled planting.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Awesome! Thank you gentlemen. This was my first Spring pruning and I pruned too soon I believe. Thanks for the fort planning instructions too.

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