bark peeled off young oak

poaky1June 1, 2014

I should've known better, but, I got careless. My Compton's oak needed some pruning. It is about 6 ft tall, it still has baby bark, thin as a piece of tape. I didn't make the undercut first, before the top cut, which stops bark from being ripped off the trunk under the pruning cut. The branch being removed was about a 1/2 an inch in diameter. I thought I didn't need to make the undercut. So I have about 4 inches of baby bark ripped off the Compton's oak. The tan moist innerds (for lack of a better discription) are now unprotected. I tend to think it will be fine, no need for tar wound protector, but, if some sap sucking insect will take advantage of my oak I want to stop it. I can post pics if needed, but hope my discription is enough. I've had deer do as much in the past, not to this tree though. The ripped bark is only about an inch wide, but about 5 inches in a verticle strip.

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If the cambium is the moist tan part, it is intact, the 2 layers thin as paper, were ripped down. I hope the tree will be fine.

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Tar is no longer favored for tree wounds. They are best left to heal over on their own. I think your tree will be fine.


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Thanks, I was hoping that it was only cosmetic.

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famartin(z5 NE NV)

Pictures tell a thousand words.

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I need to take pics then.

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I have a pic now Here's the whole tree It isn't that bad I guess.

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Just cut off that loose piece of bark at the bottom of the wound and it should heal over fine.

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I figured it wasn't a big deal, I just hate having that happen.

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I have ordered 6 more Compton's oaks. I have several Live oak "late drops" that will likely croak in winter 2014-2015, unless it is a really mild winter. I figured getting them ordered and planted ASAP is best. I have ordered 2 Cherrybark oak trees also, to be delivered in fall 2014 maybe late summer 2014.

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