Timing problem Honda gvc 160

kirk3December 23, 2012

The timing belt poped off on my Honda GVC 160.
I turned the cam so te lines on the bottom of it line up with the vavle case.
Next I turnd the motor shaft so the knotch in it was pointing straight back towards the cam.
Re-installed the belt and reassembled the valve cover.
Now when I try to start-it - it is very hard to pull, it practicly will pull the rope back out of your hand. was I suppose to use the knotch on the drive shaft or the keyway that runs the hydraulic pump they are 180 degrees different.
If antbody can help me it would surely be well appreciated as it is getting cold and I need to get his wood splitter running.

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As far as alignment goes, it seems right. The crank will turn twice to the cam once. The keyway and the mark on the crank line up w/ the groove in the center- whilst the 2 marks on the cam are exposed. Will it pull smoothly w/ the spark plug out? Does the cam turn freely? There are many times issues w/ sticky valves if this engine has set a spell. Usually tho, they won't close quick enough, but real bad they could create resistance. Flywheel key is good?

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Thanks for the help,if I line it up on the groove on the crankshaft, it is very hard to pull and wants to pull the rope out of your hand, if I turn the crank 180 and line, it up on the keyway for the pump it pulls very easy.THe splitter I used all the time just this last time I went to use it ,it fired one time and threw the timing belt off. The keyway and groove on the crank are 180 opposite of each other and which one do you use at top dead center on the intake vavle.thanks again for your help.

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The flywheel key groove and the mark on the crank line up. At TDC @ the power stroke is when the piston returns to the top after the intake valve has closed. So at this point, both valves should be closed and clearance should exist at the rockers.

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