17 HP Kawasaki has no spark

John958December 31, 2013

I picked up a John Deere F525 mower that has a 17 HP Kawasaki. I discovered it had no spark, so I took off the flywheel cover and noticed a lot of rust on the magnet and flywheel. Wired brushed it clean, and took off the coil and cleaned it also. Put it all back together and got a very tiny blue spark about a 32" long, if that. checked it on a sparkplug, no spark. Thinking the coil was bad, I went to JD and purchased a new one. Installed it and same thing. I checked the coil gap, made sure It had a good ground. I noticed the magnet on the flywheel is held on with two screws. Could the magnet be weak causing this problem?
Please help, I've pulled apart motors and rebuilt them before. Also in the past I just had to clean the flywheel and they ran after. This one has me stumped.

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Surface rust is meaningless.
However, a bad/rusty GROUND isn't.
I posted a link to the service manual below, so if you have an OHM meter, you can do some tests.

Here is a link that might be useful: Service manual

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Thanks Bill
I'll try the test on the coil and let you know.
Thanks for uploading manual !!!

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