my rose isn't blooming

the_farmers_wife(zone 5 Montana)June 12, 2007

Hey, all, I have a yellow rose bush, of course I can't recall exactly what it is, probably 2-3 years old. I bought and planted it late summer last year. So far this year it's produced one bloom, down near the base. No other rose buds visible. It sustained some damage last winter, when snow collapsed and tore off a couple of canes.

What causes a rose to stop (or nearly stop) blooming? My other roses are perfectly happy! Is there something I can do to get it to blossom again?


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Oh yes, there is a lot you can do. The first thing is sharpen your shovel really well, then you shovel prune the rose bush. That for sure will take care of it. Then go and buy another rose to replace it. Have fun!

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Hey, all, I have a yellow rose bush, of course I can't recall exactly what it is, probably 2-3 years old. I bought and planted it late summer last year.

Did you keep it in a pot for 1-2 years before planting it, as you say it is probably 2-3 years old, but you planted it last summer. In these 2-3 years, have you ever seen it bloom? If so, what color was the bloom(s)?

You could have a once-blooming rose that takes 2-3 years to get going or you could have a rose that reverted to rootstock.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Do you fertilize? How much sun does it get? Are you watering regularly?

(I feel like the nurse who interviews you before the doctor comes in).

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the_farmers_wife(zone 5 Montana)

Patricia, I bought the rose late last July and planted it within a day or two. It had tons of yellow roses all over it. I'm guessing it was 2-3 years, as it was much larger than the rose I bought with just canes and roots. Maybe that's a stupid guess, but I'm new to growing roses and figuring their ages.

buford, it gets lots of sun, and I fertalized it about 2 weeks ago - no change. And I water frequently, plus the roots are under tarp/mulch to retain water. The other roses, which are all in the same spot, are doing great.

I'd prefer not to go with taureau's suggestion, but maybe I have to...

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The type of rose could determine when and if it blooms more than once, or if it needs fertilizers. Roses are big eaters because they produce a lot of bloom. I am wondering if this was a grafted rose and the rootstock which only blooms once annually has taken over your grafted rose and perhaps you only had one cane of the original rose left.

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I live in Thailand and I have order quite many David Austin roses from Holland nursery. And I have a problem that they are no blooming with Spirit of Freedom, Geoff Hamilton, Pierre de Ronsard and Colette. I donÂt know why they arenÂt producing flower but they are very strong and have a very large bush even I grew here only half year. Please help me with any detail. Thank you.

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I understand your disappointment - it could have been quite and adventure, not to mention the cost to order roses from Holland delivered to Thailand.

Be patient, however, half a year is not a time in a life of a rose; they need to get established first, grow good roots to be able to sustain huge canes and plenty of flowers later on.

I do not grow Spirit of Freedom but my Colette bloomed only once (maybe twice) in the first year. Pierre de Ronsard is also slow and it starts repeating well from year 3.

Geoff Hamilton is a giant and usually refuses to bloom till reaches 6'-7' tall; but after that I got very decent repeat from him.

In your climate you may need to fertilize roses more often - try to use a good seaweed foliar feed or Miracle grow (high in potassium which is the third number listed on a jar or bag).

Good luck and wish you plenty of blooms.

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Hi ceterum

Geoff Hamilton now nearly reaches 5-6 feet. The rose they are growing very fast here in Thailand. Do I need to cut and pruning them or not? So I will keep more patients with them for my beautiful roses. Thank you very much for giving me for advice

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canes torn off if it was grafted you may have lost the original rose and have been left with the once blooming rootstock!

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