Signs of germination

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)February 24, 2011

I started my wintersowing this year on 12/30, about 2 weeks earlier than last year. This morning I decided that I would look at the ones in the back yard, hidden by a/c units from nosy neighbors and saw that there were signs of germination in my Carpet of Snow alyssum jugs. Yeh! Today is a gloomy type day, yesterday was nice after a few inches of snow and sleet on Monday night. The grounds are saturated..hopefully we will have some warm days next week to dry up some of this sogginess and hopefully bring more germination results. I plan to only continue my wintersowing for another week and that's it and will save some of the seeds for direct sowing when the weather and soil conditions warm up.

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Today is also a gloomy wet day here, it has been raining all day. We had another cold spell but not below freezing and then the temps are suppose to be back up for the remainder of the week, but the spring rains are upon us cause we have several more rainy dreary days in the next 10 day forecast.

Buttercups are budding in town I suspect within a week or so we are going to be seeing blooms!!

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Doin' the sprout dance. Congrats!!!

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bev2009(6 IN)

Just rub it in Country Carolyn...we're waiting for five more inches of snow tonight. But really, I've very happy for you...honest. I took the 40 jugs I sowed a couple of days ago from the porch and put them in the garden so they could be snowed on and settled in for the remainder of winter. Will you have bulbs blooming soon? No sign of any emerging from the ground here yet.

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I have them sprouting but not a bud one on any of mine!! The tornado sirens have been going off all evening so spring is here!!

Ya know I said I didn't have a bud but ya know when those large hyacinths poke their heads up the bud is kinda already coming up also, but other than those no buds yet!!

This year I plan to collect some seeds from my large hyacinths if anyone is interested wsers will get first dibs cause there will be a limited quanity. Just let me know!! They are purple or some call them blue!!

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bev2009(6 IN)

My mom passed away on Valentine's Day. One friend ordered a basket of plants that I could later put outside. There are some mini daffodils and some huge pink hyacinths blooming. The smell is so strong on the hyacinths, I had to put them in the garage. But I open the door and peek at them from time to time...and they enjoy the cooler garage. I'm going to plant them in a memorial garden for her later. So I do have something blooming!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I got a late start on sowing this year, so I'm still going strong. I'm just about through with the perennials and starting on the annuals. BUT yesterday I saw the heads of the hyacinths have popped up on the terrace below my living room window. That's always a clear sign for me that spring is really coming. The distance from the soil to my living room window is just far enough that I enjoy the fragrance rather than being overpowered.

Does anyone kow if hyacinth bulbs are long lived or do they die out after a few years like a lot of the modern tulips?

My last task of wintersowing each year is always putting the basil seeds out. Since they like warm soil to germinate and germinate so fast, they can wait until the end. It always ends up as a race to "wintersow" the basil rather than spring sow. This year I swear I'll be done before March 15.

No, No, I won't get any more seeds buying or trading...really I won't. I will post my leftovers for trading and not decide to put out one more tray of campanula.


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I went crazy on an end of season sale. I bought tulips, muscari, mini buttercups, and the hyacinths all the same day. Well some of the tulips have disappeared, I am not sure if it cause I have dug around these areas and dislocated the bulbs or if they have just rotted or a critter has eaten them. Though some have disappeared while my large hyacinths have stayed, and the muscari has spread like wildfire, but not invassive. So to be honest I am not sure!! It has been 4 years now!!

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My daylilies are breaking through. We are getting a lot of rain. Which is good, for here.

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livsauntieshel(6b/7a south PA)

I put my eye up to my jug holes (that really sounds dirty, btw) this morning, and my lupine seeds are starting to split, and I can see the radicles starting to poke out!! First WS sprouts ever!

I haven't seen any of my bulbs emerge yet. I'm hoping the tree rats didn't eat them all.

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I was surprised yesterday to see my first sprouts of the year, and they weren't one of the many varieties of poppies, but the gilia, bird's eyes. Hope they are hardy because it is cold and gloomy out there. Still, very happy for the early sprouts! One day it will be warm again.

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