Is this Really an Eden Rose??? Or was it mismarked???

CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)June 7, 2014

I am in love with the shape of Eden Rose blossoms. I love how all the petals are cupped together. Back in September I purchased my first Eden Rose and planted it. Here are pictures of it's first buds and blossoms. The blooms look just like all the pictures of Eden Roses I have seen in pictures.

I recently went out and purchased another Eden, but this time a white Eden. From my understanding, the two Edens should display the same form and shape in their flowers shouldn't they??? The way the petals curl back doesn't remind me of the large cabbage like, cupped shaped of an Eden one bit. Other pictures of White Edens I've seen online do not look like this. Should I just return this rose back to the store while I can?
Here are a few pictures of my regular "White Eden" and my regular Eden for comparison.

I would love to hear from all of you rose experts. The only rose I've ever grown before this is the Iceberg rose. But I recently added an Eden and a Balero Rose to my garden. I'm in love with the romantic cupped shape of those two roses.

I really need your expert advice on this one. Thank you.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

Here is a picture of a fully open blossom from the same White Eden Plant.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

Here is a picture of the Eden Rose I purchased back in September. It has the rounded cabbage shape that I adore. Is it just me or do the blossoms on the two Eden Rose plants look totally different?

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Those buds were probably formed during the last heat wave

The link below is to HelpMeFind White Eden photos

Here is a link that might be useful: HMF

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

I didn't know that a heat wave could impact the shape of the rose bud on an Eden Rose. That's so interesting. So you don't think the plant is just a dud and will continue to give me lots of roses that are "oddly" shaped? I use the word "oddly" to reference the petals that curl back, (rather than petals that are beautifully cupped), and the more elongated shape of the of the rose bud, (rather than the more rounded and bulbous shape or most Eden roses). Other than the "oddly" shaped blooms it's a very healthy looking plant. But I paid a good amount of money for the plant, so I really want to make sure it will give me the exact kind of flowers I'm looking for. Otherwise I would want to return it. Thanks again for all of your help and your helpful link.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Give it a few more blooms and see if it makes a difference.

Not sure what you paid. But a 5g at the local nursery staked Eden I think is $32. Last year they were $28. They do not charge more for Eden or David Austin's

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

From the first couple pictures, I would guess that it is unlikely that it is Eden. The last picture is, without a doubt, Eden.

Yes, weather conditions can certainly affect blooms at times, but in the 7-8 years I grew my Eden, I don't remember the blooms as a whole looking like the opening pictures. Maybe occasionally a new bloom wouldn't be fully developed, but the vast majority of Eden blooms are famous for their "fully packed" centers (lots and lots of petals packed in there) which can be rather dramatically bright pink around the edges in the center of the bloom.

But I suppose it is also possible that you have a "sport"--which by definition wouldn't look like the rest of the blooms.

It will be interesting to see how they bloom over time. Some roses don't bloom "true" in the early springtime. Maybe the later blooms will look more similar as the plants settle in place and mature.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oops--I missed that one of your Edens is a white Eden. Ignore the pink centers I referred to above. Other than that, I think the rest of my comments still apply.

Sorry for the mis-read!


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seil zone 6b MI

I think you need to give this rose some time. It's just planted and it's been hot there, right? Both of those things could cause the blooms to be different than normal, reduced petal count, change shape and/or color. See what the next bloom looks like before deciding it isn't WE.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

Seil: I have actually not planted the White Eden yet. It is still in the 5 gallon nursery pot, but I've giving a deep watering regularly. While we did have a week or so of 90 degree weather, things have cooled down since about a month ago. But maybe the buds formed during those hot dry spells like many of you have mentioned. The blooms on it just looked so strikingly different from the "pink" Eden I had planted when the two plants were standing next to each other. I will continue to watch it to see how it progresses. Thank you all for you insight.

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Eden can look sad if conditions are not to it's liking or it is still a young plant and hasn't got enough vigour to put out good flowers. In my garden , Eden does take it's time to make the beautiful flowers it is noted for. Here is a pic of mine the first year and it was sitting in rich soil. The next year I got the very full blooms.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

lynnette: For being only a first year, that is a really pretty shaped bloom and buds. I know it's not as full and dense as it can potentially become, but still has such a lovely rounded shape.

Thank you for your personal growing insight on Edens. It is very helpful to hear from other growers. what area are you in?

I'm really hoping that the petals curling back and the longer more slender shape of the current blossoms was just due to the hot weather, and not a trait of this particular plant.

My Balero Rose, which is also still sitting in it's 5 gallon nursery bucket has not had the same petal curling issue as the White Eden. It's probably my very favorite new rose in the garden. I just wish it came in a climbing variety because the blooms are gorgeous and the fragrance is intoxicating.

Here's a picture of the Balero Rose I just got. It's doing so wonderfully, that I'm wishing I had bought one more.

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I am on Vancouver Island and Eden 88 was never a good rose for me so out she went of my garden. I read that Eden can be either a really good row or a very poor one. It has become hard to get in Canada so that should tell a gardener something. I wanted Bolero but alas, not available in Canada. Here is Eden the second year. Still not like the photos that inspired me to get it. It was really prone to BS.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

That is really good to know about Eden being a somewhat finicky rose depending on the area. That is another lovely picture. My mother-in-law and father-in-law visited Vancouver Island and showed my gorgeous pictures. Even though these are not good roses for your area, I'm sure there are so many stunning roses that you are able to grow that I can't. I'm really hoping the Eden and Balero will both do well for me. Does BS stand for Black Spot? I'm sorry, I'm really new to growing roses. The only rose I've ever grown before recent is the iceberg rose... which is an amazing rose for my area. It performs like none other. Here's a picture of it growing at my old house where it was grown in under a patio cover, so it didn't get the ideal amount of sun... yet it still bloomed almost year round for me.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

BS is blackspot, yes. It is not a debilitating disease in Southern California. In other climates especially east of the Rockies, it can be so devastating as to kill a rose, because the rose cannot hold any foliage, goes into a harsh winter weak, and doesn't survive the winter. Here it's a minor annoyance, mostly in rainy winters.

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