Lychnis Selection Source

patty57(7 NC)February 15, 2014

I have done a bit of searching online to find a seed source that would have a multiple selection of Lychnis. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated please.

Thank you.


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I don't think there are that many varieties of seed types. Try Swallowtail Garden Seeds, they have 3; Maltese red, pink & white Angel Breath and my fave, Dusky Salmon. I think the dark pink is coronaria.

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patty57(7 NC)

Thank you muffienh. Was at Swallowtail Garden Seeds and will head back there to make an order.


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Lynchnis Flo Jovis 'Peggy" - Flower of Jove. Cute one! Pink flowers and the foliage is silvery like Lamb's Ear/ Stachis.
Lynchnis Chalcedonica - Perennial. Comes in red, white, and my favourite is salmon coloured - Dusky Rose.
Lynchnis Coronaria - more or less a biennial. Commonly called Rose Campion. Come in Fushia, white, blush...
Lynchnis Haageana. Comes in a deep red or a salmon colour. Largest of all Lynchnis flowers. Great border plant.
Lynchnis - Ragged Robyn. Pink flower. Sometimes considered a weed, but welcome in my gardens as it attracts the Hummingbird/Sphinx Moth and Yellow Swallowtails of the east.
Lynchnis Viscaria Splendens Fever (German Catchfly). Definitely a favourite of mine!! Butterflies love this one!

OK, so I just wanted to point out that there are quite a few varieties of this plant. Some seeds are harder to come by but that's because some folks don't consider some of the varieties to be something they would place in their gardens. Most change their minds when they start growing them. Several years ago I ordered Haageana, Viscaria, and Flo Jovis from Jelitto Seeds in Germany so that's another supplier you might consider.

Do enjoy the ones you grow!!

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Sample seed shop has a good variety too.

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I got mine from T's Flowers and Things. Large selection.

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patty57(7 NC)

Thank you all for the informative feedback of my request. Greatly appreciated.


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