Tulip tree transplant

baboxerJune 8, 2008

I transplanted a 3 foot tulip tree from PA to Arkansas about two weeks ago, Memorial Day. I know that you shouldn't transplant in the middle of the summer, but the circumstances were as they were. I was able to keep the feeder root intact and planted it as is recommended. I water it with a Treegator jr., which slowly drips about 15 gallons of water in the ground over a 5-8 hour timeframe. I have been placing the treegator about every three days. The weather has been hot and windy. Some of the leaves are turning brown and dying off. Is this from the heat and wind or from the transplant? I don't think the tree is dead yet, but I really want to baby this tree through the fall. If all of the leaves die off, will it make it? I could really use some good advice on this one! What am I doing wrong or if I'm doing OK, is there more I could be doing? I do notice some green buds coming in and some new small leaves that have sprouted since I've planted it. Thanks for all of the advice in advance!


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Both the root damage from transplanting and the unfavorable weather are what is causing it to dry up. Maybe it will come back later, maybe not. What it needs is less sun and wind on the foliage, along with abundant moisture.

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Memorial Day is hardly the middle of Summer, but I get your point. The tree was moved after leafing out. As such, a good deal of transplant shock is inevitable. I believe that is what you are seeing. That the tree is producing new leaves is a hopeful sign. Being only a three-footer should help too. Careful attention to keeping the soil moist-not continuously soaked-is paramount. It could well pull through.


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Moisture is paramount...even 100 foot tall Tuliptrees are sensitive to drought!

So watering will be important as wisonsitom said.

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Thanks for the info. Am I watering too much or not enough for this size and type of tree in these conditions?

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Specifically how much to water is purely a matter of local conditions - soil, sun, rain, humidity, etc. Check the soil by sticking a finger - or a pointed stick - into the soil in or next to the root ball. If it is wet - or cool - at the second knuckle depth, wait to water and test again. If it is dry - or warm - then water.

If you haven't mulched, do so. Any mulch will do, but don't put down any plastic or landscape cloth under it - if you need to kill off grass to go wide enough, then you can use Round-up, or lay down flattened cardboard or 4-6 sheets of black-ink news-paper under the mulch to stop the grass from growing throughh - the tree doesn't need the root competition. Mulch as widely as possible (at least 3', but more is better, up to 6-8'), no deeper than 4", and no mulch in the couple of inches next to the trunk.

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