EAB prevention choices

toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)June 23, 2013

The bug is getting close so it is probably time for me to make the decision and either do or no do something and let nature take its course. I got the google out and found a ton of random information.

What is the "official" place to look for updates again?

As important, do you all have a link to the latest or best options for private residential treatment? I have one, maybe two white ash left I might treat depending on cost.

Thanks as always.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5



ps: bayer tree and shrub is labeled for such.. but very quickly became cost prohibitive with my lot size.. and the number of trees... luckily.. they were within the capability of me and my chainsaw.. so removal was fast and sweet ...

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Imidacloprid applied as a systemic drench around the roots is the standard recommendation. Bayer Tree and Shrub is one brand and usually the most expensive by far. Bonide and Fertilome also offer the product at about half the cost of the Bayer. There are others which are even cheaper, but the dilution rates would be difficult for a casual user because of the very large quantities involved.

Then there's the question of imidalcoprid's safety. It has been banned in Europe because of concern over its role in Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees. A drench is much safer than spraying, but anyone choosing to use it ought to be aware of the issues.

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