rmontcalOctober 11, 2011

After living in this new house for several house, only yesterday did I discover a package of dried seaweed (wakame) tucked in the back of a kitchen cabinet.

I definitely won't eat it, so I'll probably just compost it. But it occurred to me that there may be something smarter that I can do with it. Hydrate it an blend it in the blender and apply it to some plants? Something like that?

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How about make a compost tea? I wouldn't let it set too long (keeping it aerobic), and put the solids on the soil as mulch.

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feijoas(New Zealand)

I'd just compost it; if it's pretty old there's probably not enough nutrients to bother with anything else.
Although compost tea that happened to have some wakame in it has got to be a good thing!

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