Knock Out Roses

bill14150(6)June 26, 2013

Discovered Knock Out Roses last year in the catalogs so thought that this year, 2013, I'd give them a try. The west side of the house is a sort of 'out of sight, out of mind' part of the yard and really started to look messy. Purchased one each of all 7 Knock Out varieties plus 1 White Out. They sat in their pots for over a month, growing rapidly and blooming in their little 4" prisons. I trimmed them once, and they grew back in just a few weeks. Even made a few cuttings under jars from what I trimmed and in just 6 to 8 weeks, had little rooted plants. Quite amazing I thought. Finally planted the main plants on June 24, 2013. The area is very, very dry with part of the bed raised. They are said to do well in dry areas once established. We shall see. I'm going to photo the bed and it's progress. Anyone else have stories, suggestions or comments on Knock Outs? I'd like to hear how others got interested in them and if they have worked out to your expectations or not. :-)

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mommomsgarden(6/Jersey Girl!)

I planted mine about a month ago. When I first bought this it was beautiful. I loved the peach color. It's different! I was so excited about it. It's now almost a month later and it hasn't really flowered at all! The beautiful flowers are dying!

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

Bill 14150: Knock Out roses need about the same conditions as most other roses do. Evenly moist, well-drained soil. Maybe they'll survive a drought and maybe they won't. But they will be definitely unhappy about it and they won't look very good..

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

mommom, your roses are just going through their normal blooming cycle. The rose will look better if you trim off the ends that are no longer blooming.

Water well (but don't drown them) and regularly. . . and wait. After a rest (anywhere from a few weeks to a month or sometimes even 6 weeks), the bush will bloom again. At the end of that blooming cycle, again trim off the spent blooms, water, and wait--for the next bloom cycle.

One reason your rose isn't doing much right now is that it is still trying to grow roots in your garden. A newly planted rose will probably take about a month or 6 weeks before it starts putting out new vigorous growth.

Patience is a virtue all gardeners have to learn. : )


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Thanks nickl. I somewhat suspected that, the watering of the knock outs, despite the claims how drought tolerant they are. But I was surprised how quickly the cuttings rooted, and rooted very well in just 6 weeks or so. I really didn't expect to see anything so soon, but I had to move them and discovered the well developed root systems. I figured next spring I'd be seeing the results! Thanks again.

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