DIfference Between Emperor I and Bloodgood Japanese Maple

treetoronto3July 18, 2014


I recently planted a Bloodgood JM along my fence underneath a sparse Honey Locust(from canopy lift and ice storm damage) and decided that i needed another one beside it. When I went back to the store, they only had Emperor I left. So i bought it.

How noticeable will the difference be?


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Oops, my zone is 6, not 10!

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Difference is not much :-) Bloodgood could get slightly larger, grow a bit more slowly and leaf out a tad earlier, otherwise you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.

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I don't know about the Emperor, but I can tell you Bloodgood is no dwarf! I have one...love it! Interesting throughout the seasons (leaves turn crimson red in late November here.) Give it adequate space! Maybe someone here can suggest a minimum planting distance. Growth is fast enough (in the East at least). They do seem to take well to pruning though. (Prior owners were maintaining mine as a shrub through annual, severe pruning, I let it become the tree it was destined to be.)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as a collector.. i would be proud to have two different ones..

they arent bath towels.. i dont know why they have to match ...

and i would spend the decades watching.. how they differ ..


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Thanks everyone! I wanted them to match because I have placed them side by side to create a screen from my neighbors patio door.

I have a Bloodgood next to my front door in a sheltered location. It thrives where it is. After our last winter, so many Japanese Maple trees suffered damage, not one but on this one! Soil was replaced many years ago, so it is in very deep, fertile soil. It puts on at least 2.5 feet a season!

I have started a collection of them. So far I have, 2 Bloodgoods, an Emporer I, Azuma Marasaki, Waterfall, Crimson Queen, and a Tamukeyama.

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