Your experience with the new Rudbeckia 'Fulgida'

summerstar(Z7VA)August 4, 2011

I purchase plants from Bluestone Perennials almost always with good results. They've introduced a new Rudbeckia called 'Fulgida' which they say is shorter than Goldsturm,. more compact, plus has a longer flowering time. I always liked the foliage of Rudbekia, but didn't care for the height and spreading habit of 'Goldsturm'. The new 'Fulgida' variety sounds like a better flower and I need a yellow perennial to set off the Salvia May Night and some pink cone flowers. I'd be taking out some yellow Yarrow that gets really shabby at this time of year. If you've had experience with 'Fulgida' let me know what your opinion is. Thanks!

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I have not heard about a new variety called Fulgida. Fulgida is already a name for the species and a subspieces. It would sound strange if they also called a variety Fulgida. The full name of Goldsturm is Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm'

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

As wieslaw59 stated, fulgida is the species name and I believe what they are selling is the species as opposed to a named variety.

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Summer Star,

I purchased 3 of these plants from Bluestone last fall, for the same reason as you stated. So far so good. They are neater, a little shorter than Goldsturm, which I have them next to each other. The flowers are slightly smaller, but there are plenty of them. The visual difference of the neat habit, smaller leaves are noticeable.
They started bloom only a few days after Goldsturm, around mid July in north of Chicago. Not sure for how long, as this is the first year. Also not sure about the spread habit. guess I will find out more.
Overall I am happy and plan to divide them next sping to get more for another garden, and perhaps replace some of the Goldsturm that are spreading out of controls.

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What hostaholic2 and wieslaw59 write here is true. I checked my Bluestone catalog but their description of this new variety is written exactly as follows:

Rudbeckia fulgida var. Fulgida

There is no descriptive name for this plant as there are for most other plants. Gloriosa Daisies (also a Rudbeckia) have names such as Cappuccino, Cherokee Sunset, Indian Summer, etc., but not the Rudbeckia I'm interested in.

I put a call into their help desk this morning and left a message asking for clarification as to the exact name of this flower. I'll post back when I hear from them.

Meanwhile thanks for the reply Vivian 2010. I'm glad the foliage is smaller as it will expire less water here in Zone 7. Too bad about the flower size though. Maybe they'll work to increase it.

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

There are several "natural" varieties of R. fulgida:

var. deamii
var. fulgida
var. speciosa
var. sullivantii

As mentioned, the popular cultivar 'Goldsturm' is a selection of R. fulgida var. sullivantii.

As advertised in the OP, R. fulgida var. fulgida is typically later and/or longer-flowering than the more common 'Goldsturm'.

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