Bokashi? Anyone tried this

notty1975October 23, 2013

Hi all been doing bokashi for a while now and so far am very happy with it I started off buying the bran then went on and bought em1 and bran and gave ended up making the bokashi bran with shredded newspaper and it works well. So to try and cut the costs of doing bokashi further I was woundering if anyone have made there own em1 innoculant from some inoculated bran or bokashi juice. My thoughts are doing the same process but replace the em1 with bokashi bran or juice some molasses water and leave ferment so was woundering has anyone ever tried doing it this way thanks

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There are 28 threads on 'bokashi' in this forum alone.

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I made newspaper bokashi for a year. Quit as it seemed to be a trendy, rather than a practical use of time. Mine was made from cheap rice rinse.

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Yes I have used the "search" button and found nothing about the question I asked have also used the rice method but just woundering if it can be done from the bokashi or the bokashi juice from the bucket

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So has anyone thought of or tried growing the innoculant from the bran

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Hey notty1975, did you ever find an answer or do any experimentation?

The main reason that propagating EM might not work is that as you get further and further from the mother culture, the balance of beneficial bacteria will change and certain strains will get weaker. If you wanted to try propagating them, it seems like it would make more sense to do it from the EM mother culture or the inoculated bran. I'm guessing the bokashi juice would be more out of balance than the other two and would have more a chance of having some harmful bacterial strains in it. However, my biology is too weak for me to say for sure.

In any case, it seems worth trying to see how far you can extend your EM-1 or LAB (lactic acid bacteria). Most recommendations are against extending (x20) the mother culture more than once; however, most of those came from the companies, so I would imagine it's similar to expiration dates on food--things can't be guaranteed past a certain date. (Most food is fine after the expiration date; it just begins losing flavor; it's quite a lot longer before it actually goes bad.)

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