Dying Flowering Cherry Tree, Regrom from Suckers?

farmboy1(5)July 27, 2014

I have a Flowering Cherry tree of unknown origin in my back yard. For the past few years, it has bloomed very nicely in spring, but this year, due to the frigid winter, the tree leafed out, didn't bloom, and is dying back severely now. There are some suckers coming up from the base of the trunk.

Would it make sense to let the suckers grow and see how they progress as they have a full root system? Do these trees regrow fairly well in similar situations?

Attached picture is of the tree at it's best.



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And here is a picture of the sucker. The trunk split has been there for years, but has gotten larger over time.


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Most ornamental cherries are budded or grafted onto an understock. The sucker is almost certainly coming from the understock. It will not be the same as the cherry you've had. Is there any chance that this cherry was not grafted and the suckers will be identical to the original tree? Yes, but the chances are very remote.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what he said...

i wouldnt be surprised.. if you checked close.. that the leaves arent even the same ...

its a goner.... in tree years.. that might be 5 to 10 years ... and speed might be a function of the knockout punch ma nature gives it this winter ...

my 20 year old kwanza ?? is doing the same thing ...


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Thanks. It's gone to the burn pile.


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