Briggs 18.5 engine blowing smoke

ultraclassic(9)December 22, 2012

Hi all, I have a Craftsman lawn tractor with a Briggs 18.5 hp, model 31P777, type 0348-E1. I did a tuneup using one of the briggs tune up kits that have the oil, filter, plug and air filters in it. After the tune up, started and went to cut the grass and the engine is now smoking a lot of blueish smoke. I checked the oil level of the sump several times and it is good, I don't think gas with oil was added. There is a component on the engine that has three tubes that go to the gas line, dipstick and breather, I do notknow what this. if You pull the line off of the dipstick the hose is pressurized and blowing oil. I don't get it, this was not happening prior to the tune up, had to drive the tractor from the back yard around to the garage and there was no smoke. any and all help is greatly appreciated. what do You guys think this is?

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It sounds like either fuel in the oil or 2) a failed cylinder head gasket to me. The component of which you speak is the fuel pump. So, if the oil is oil and at level -see #2.

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SMELL the oil to be sure there isn't gas in it.

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Thank You for the responses guys. Tomplum, yes I realized that was the fuel pump and see that the oil is coming from the ambient pressure port. this was not happening prior to the tuneup, I am really curious about this. The oil level is proper in the engine (maybe a little low). I do not smell gas in the oil and the best I can test the diaphragm is ok on the fuel pump. Is it just a coincidence that the head gasket has blown or a valve is sticking? is there an easy way of testing what it is prior to taking the head off? Thanks again for the responses, all the help really is appreciated.

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You can usually "see" a blown head gasket.
Remove valve cover.
Have rag handy.
Start engine and look for a "vapor" blowing out on the push rod side on each power stroke.

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Thanks Bill, I will check it.

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I am not a professional OPE mechanic. I'm just a hacker. But from what you describe, the smoking followed after you worked on the engine. I would review my job. Was the engine tipped during this tune up?

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