is Maxsea organic?

bebba1July 2, 2011

The lady at the nursery today told me that Maxsea (the Rose Bloom formula,

3-20-20) is "95% organic". But when I looked at the ingredients, I wasn't so sure. For example, if it says that its 3% total nitrogen come from ammonical nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and water soluble organic nitrogen, what does that mean? Or ammonium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, potassiumnitrate, sulfate and muriate of Potash, etc.

I don't want to be TOO much of a stickler, but I really am trying to go organic and to get all the benefits of that.

All you chemists out there???

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My concern about MaxSea products is not whether they're 100% organic, but the fact they're seaweed-based. Seaweed is being harvested at ever-increasing rates as the principal ingredient for fertilizers, human dietary supplements, animal food, etc. The impact of seaweed harvest on marine life has become an environmental issue in all U.S. coastal areas and elsewhere in the world. I first became aware of the debate during a trip to Maine a couple of years ago. The planet's oceans are becoming increasingly threatened, & the harvest of millions of tons of seaweed every year is thought to be one of many stress factors.

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windeaux: do you think we ought not to be using seaweed or kelp products even in small gardens, or are you talking about major use in agribusiness?

I'm trying to be green, but am wondering whether my small usage would make a difference. (I guess that's what we always say, right?)

Am still interested in the answer to my original question, though.

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Have you tried to contact the maker of the product with your questions?

Googling a bit gave up this description of Maxsea:
"Maxsea is a good blend of synthetic and organic ingredients for gardeners who want the immediate availability of synthetic minerals along with the well-known growth and health benefits of natural seaweed. Maxsea's nutrients are in concentrated, water soluble form and will go to work immediately"

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