Compare red reblooming daylilies

vivian_2010August 22, 2011

I post the same question also at the Daylily forum. Hope I can get more responses posting at both forums.

I am looking for a red (or close to red) daylily that can still do well in ~ 2 hr morning sun and 3-4 hr afternoon sun. There are 3 in my local nursery, Ruby Stella, Little Business ( a drawf version), and Pardon me. Like to have more prolific, longer blooming time and reliability (I know I am asking a lot). Anybody has any experience with them?

Thanks in advance for your help


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Sorry I don't have a suggestion but what I can say is to get a "sunfast" bloom. I had Pardon me and Lil Wine Cup and felt like the red looked dusty or bleached in the full sun.

I don't know if you have size requirements but Chicago Apache is supposed to be sunfast.

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My Chicago Apache has been a knockout red for the past 2 weeks & bloomed last year after being planted out in late March. Last year, we had a large cherry tree nearby casting shade on it, but we removed it this winter due to disease. Chicago Apache has a lot more sun now & still holds it's color! This time of year the sun hits it from about 10am-4pm though part of that time it's shaded a bit by Darlow's Enigma, a rambling rose.

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Of the five reds in my daylily collection, here's how I'd rate them:

#1. Hearts Afire (long bloom time)
#2. Sunset Fire (orange red, but intensely saturated color!)
#3. Chicago Apache
#4. Pardon Me (less red, more like burgundy)
#5. Charles Johnston (stunning, but a short bloom period)

There are any number of excellent on-line sources for hemerocallis, as
well as good regional nurseries, depending on your location.

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

'Pardon Me' is too susceptible to rust IMO. Has anyone tried Earlybird Cardinal ('Endless Heart') yet?

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Ruby Stella is more of a burgundy (ruby) color than a true red. The flowers are fairly small. However, it does bloom for a long time, about late mid-season. I have two plants and like them. Red Hot Returns is another "redder" rebloomer. It blooms earlier than Ruby Stella.

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