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krnuttleJuly 17, 2014

We would like to plant a flowering tree on the west side of our lot to provide shade to the porch and color to that side of the yard.

The problem is that I only have about six feet between the edge of a concrete driveway, and the lot line. I do not want to plant a tree with roots that are going to be a problem by cracking the concrete. The neighbors yard is open in this area, and I would discuss it with them before going ahead with the project.

Would some one recommend a flowering tree that would not damage the concrete with its roots, that could be planted about 6' from concrete?

If there is no flowering trees, what about other plants like crepe myrtle.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what is your base soil ...

and how damaged is the driveway now???

a pic of the spot.. might get you better ideas ...

and where are you ... the hot coastal NC.. or mountainous ... might make a difference as to options ...

and how much height do you need for the shade ???? .. in other words.. how far across the driveway is the porch ....

you havent really given us any info.. other than wanting to dig a hole 6 feet from the drive ...


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Here's a list of trees and you may add Redbud to it. Dax

Here is a link that might be useful: Trees for Parking Lots and Paved Areas: Virginia Cooperative Extension

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Sorry I was not thinking.

We live about 25 miles east of Raleigh on the edge of the Piedmont Plateau,

The area is on the south side of the lot in full sun all day, with minor shade from one loblolly pine that is about 40 feet tall. The porch is about 35 feet from the west end of the front porch and it is hoped that the tree would block the summer sun after about 4 oclock.

The area is relatively well drained, but there is a swale that runs between the proposed tree and the drive way. It drains that side of my lot, or an area of about 10' by 60 feet. This tree will be planted on a drainage berm between the two lots.

The composition of the soil varies over the lot from red clay to almost peat. While I have not dug in this specific spot I would suspect that is red clay with a high organic content.

Temperatures in northwestern Johnston county average about 90 in the summer and about 50 in the winters, Lows and high have differed significantly. Rain fall is about 45 inches per year, varying from quite wet periods to several weeks with no ran.

The Driveway is only about 8 months old. As I said the tree would be about six feet from the drive.

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