3 year old October Glory Maple Question

andrelaplume2(usa)July 10, 2007

I realize this is a lot like a doctor trying to diagnose a patient he can not really see but I thought perhaps someone with experience may have some thoughts.

My father-in-law lost a big giant shade tree 5 years ago. It had to be taken down and the trunk grinded. After 2 years with no shade he opted to have a new tree put in. They installed an staked an October Glory Maple about 15 feet from where the prior one was.

It did well for 3 years. This year, there are no leaves at all! It looks like some sprouts are there but so far (and its July!) no leaves. The tree is about 15 feet high. Anywhere I scratch a branch is green underneath. Weather has not been extreme over the last year. He started watering and feeding it but still no leaves.

Any ideas on what might be going on?

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Some photos of the trees might offer some clues. You can upload the photos to imageshack.us for free without sigining up and we can take a look. Be sure to include a photo showing the base of the tree and the ground.

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I'll try to get some this evening.

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I had some 3 year old questions, too, but I've forgotten what they were . . .*

Agree that photos would help. Possible causes include root self-strangulation (coiled roots from a potbound plant, which circle round the trunk and strangle it as they thicken with growth), deep planting (burying the tree too deep for the roots to get the surface soil aeration they need), and fungal disease (some decay fungi in the roots of the old tree might be pathogenic enough to kill the new tree).


* Sorry, couldn't resist! ;-)

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I'll try to post pics...sounds like it could be impossible to tell.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Your pictures are here


Here is a link that might be useful: the pictures

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