What is eating leaves of tree

thinderyJuly 14, 2014

I think I have a Japanese Maple tree. This tree gets watered every other day by a system in the early morning. I use typical pellet weed n feed on the surrounding lawn. I also use pellet lawn pesticides yearly. I have a neighbor with the exact same tree and she does not have any issues like this. Her tree is lush and full of healthy looking leaves.

This year the tree leaves started looking very bad. I think something may be eating through my leaves and causing the terrible damage - however I have never seen bugs on the tree. But, there are little cocoons hanging all over the tree that lead me to the bug suspicion. I could be wrong.

I have included a picture so you can see the damage done to the tree leaves, as well as red circles around some of these cocoons.

Does anyone know what is causing the damage and how I can alleviate it?

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Bagworms are inside the bags on your second pic. Remove them by hand and put in fire. Check next week and thereafter for some you may have missed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bagworm Factsheet

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As an aside, you might want to rethink the use of weed 'n feed products or even granular lawn pesticides. Weed 'n feed products are a very inefficient method of delivering weed control, applying as much as 25-30 times the amount of herbicide actually necessary. And because of their broadcast method of application, you wind up applying to areas that do not have any weeds. They are also responsible for the bulk of homeowner-caused water pollution, leaching pesticides into ground water and streams. They can also be harmful to pets and children (easily picked up on paws and bare feet), both of which are much more sensitive to these chemicals than are adults. They are not preventative in action and only have an effect on existing broadleaf weeds. They can also have a negative impact on soil health.

If you need to apply a lawn pesticide, select one that is sprayable, and spot weed (spray directly on the weed) as necessary. Treat for insect problems ONLY if they are demonstrated to exist. Once these liquids dry, they are not readily transported by pets and kids and they do not leach into groundwater.

The need for any of these pesticide products is limited simply by improving lawn health through proper mowing and watering practices and by the judicial use of fertilizers, organic preferred.

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thanks for the info guys! I really appreciate it :)

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