Kordes rose performance

gardenerzone4(5b)July 15, 2012

I'm targeting BS-resistant roses for next year, which led me to ADR and mostly Kordes roses. Would like to know how these have performed for you--please share the good, bad, and ugly.



Golden Gate

Aloha Hawaii

Rosanna 2002

Caramel Fairy Tale

Cinderella Fairy Tale

Elegant Fairy Tale

Alexandra Princess de Luxembourg

Grande Amore 2005

Mother of Pearl



Souvenir de Baden Baden (aka Pink Enchantment)

Liv Tyler


Fantasia Mondiale

Apricot Candy

Sweet Promise

Winter Sun

Golden Fairy Tale/Sterntaler

Out of Rosenheim

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

Lion's Fairy Tale

Pomponella Fairy Tale


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Campanula UK Z8

I only have a couple of these - Jasmina and Pomponella and in both, health and vigour seems to be a dominant characteristic. Jasmina has had a few leaves with BS but is such a vigorous and sturdy little climber that is has been of little import. Fairly tricky to grow on a fence or wall though - it performs like a multiflora rambler, putting out many basals, suitable to be grown as a supported hedge or a pillar - very lax growth with nodding heads. Pomponella is, I think, a classic container rose - slow to get going but is now building up a good head of steam which will carry it through the summer - a very easy care rose. I am familiar with Cinderella but consider it a rather nasty shade of pink with far too many petals crammed into a small space....but this is a purely subjective judgement.

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Not on your list, but these three recent Kordes roses are quite healthy even here: Floral Fairy Tale, Laguna and Eliza. They are fragrant too. Aloha Hawaii gets more BS, but not bad too.

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Forget Cinderella. I like its bloom shape, color and mild fragrance as well as the bush. I have to say that it is quite a sight when it is covered with dozens of these smallish blooms, with many petals packed in each, which gives the blooms a old garden rose look. However, it balls like hell here in NJ. And it is slow to repeat. For me, this is one of two most disappointing roses of the year. Another is Pomponella, which is VERY slow growing and the blooms are very unappealing to me. Pomponella does not do it for me.

On the other hand, I also have Red Riding Hood and Floral Fairy Tale, both of which I really like.

All of these four Fairy Tales are disease free so far for me.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

'Mother of Pearl' is from Meilland, not Kordes, but it has been outstanding for me--disease resistant plant so far, HT-style flowers in an unearthly shade of peachy pink, fragrant to me but apparently not to everyone.

Thanks to Duck for valuable info about Cinderella.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Lions Fairy Tale' has super clean foliage and plenty of it, good vigor, good rebloom. No fragrance. Flower is...okay, nothing spectacular. Still very nice in the landscape because the ivory/white flowers make a good contrast to the dark glossy foliage. Hardiness unknown.

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Noni Morrison

I plannted Amadeus from Palatine this year and already it is AMAZING! It has clmbed to the top rung of my trellis, about 6' but the bottom 1/3 is a solid mass of flaming red petals that never seem to get old and faded. The leaves are really healthy shiny and green. I lost Sisters Fairytale in a winter freeze which surprised me. Lions Fairytale is about 5'tall and 6' across, shiny green leaves and pretty cream white flowers with an almost mocha tone down in their center...call it "Tawny". IT has no fragrance but from a distance it does a great job of keeping the garden in bloom!

Pompenella is NOT happy with our dampness. The outer petals turn brownish and fail to open. I keep hoping when we have a number of sunny days that I will finally get some pretty flowers but even when the petals are peeled off the outside the color looks a bit brownish and worn to me. This may be the last year for mine. The leaves are lovely and healthy looking however. I bought Black Forest this year and am loving the bright pure red little roses on it...no sign of disease there!

Nearly all of my most beautiful roses are Kordes roses. You could pick them out in my garden by their beautiful foliage and lasting flowers. My most spectacular one has to be South Africa. I have loved every flower it has produced and there are many since I bought it 2 winters ago. But give it room..it leaps out of the ground in spring, and grows to Grandiflora size faster then any other, and covered with Shiny green, healthy leaves. They are followed by deep orange buds. Now in July the roses are golden orange, but I loved them when they were deep orange at the beginning too!
I do love Brothers Grimm Fairytale rose too...Bright orange buds backed by soft yellow, but as the blooms age they turn to hot pink and with soft yellow back. ITs always a show unto itself, and has a lovely scent that reminds me of violets. I like it as a cutting rose with its bright colors. I am pretty much sticking with Kordes roses as my main ones in my front garden now...they just do so much better for me and the grafted ones from Palatine LOVE my acid soil!

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everyrose(z7-8 pnw)

Caramel Fairy Tale--very vigorous and completely disease free. The color can be very weather dependent. It can start out a harsh yellow-orange and it can age to a beautiful caramel-cream color. The blossoms get prettier as they age. A good rose but be flexible about your color expectations.
Elegant Fairy Tale--vigorous and completly disease free. Beautiful OGR style flowers worthy of its name. Throws 5 foot canes that need some support. Maybe it needs a few years to develop some structure and be self supporting.
Grand Amore--vigorous and disease free. A great red hybrid tea. This is one of the few no spray ADR hybrid teas that has a true high-centered hybrid tea form.
Mother of Pearl--vigorous and disease free. Very pretty peachy pink flowers.
Eliza--vigorous and disease free. Not really a hybrid tea. Blooms in clusters like a floribunda with very large flowers. Very pretty.
Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale--vigorous and disease free. Under 3 feet. Cute red-orange flowers with golden petal backs which age to magenta with silver backs. Not for the color shy.
A couple more to add to your list:
Pink Panther--vigorous and disease free. Large coral pink blooms. I'm intrigued by the dark plum colored stems that contrast with the flowers.
Francis Meilland--I don't grow this one yet. Introduced by Star Roses for 2013. ADR winner (aka Prince Jardenier or Schloss Ippenberg) and 2013 All American Rose Selection.

So far all my ADR roses have been hits. I have been accused of spraying my roses because people see so little blackspot and mildew on these roses. Thing to keep in mind--with the exception of Grand Amore, none of these roses have classic hybrid tea form. I can't speak to their hardiness in zone 5 since I live in zone 8.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your use of the word "landscape."
I really and truly like the idea that good roses for the landscape aren't necessarily or only those roses classified as 'landscape roses' by marketing.
Quite a revolutionary idea really.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Caramel Fairy Tale and Floral Fairy tale are 2 of 5 roses that have not been treated for blackspot (actually, I haven't sprayed at all this season), and whose leaves are intact and clean. Both are on their second flush. Caramel FT is acting like a climber, simply because I didn't prune it much this spring, and left the canes to arch, resulting in lots of laterals. Floral FT has a more rounded habit, more mannerly.

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Thanks to everyone who posted. You have given me great hope in the trustworthiness of the ADR designation. After battling blackspot again this year, I've migrated from wanting "fragrant cut flowers" to "BS-resistant cut flowers." I admire Knockout for its fortitude, but want something with more character and cut flower appeal. Floral Fairy Tale first turned me onto the world of ADR and fairy tales and Kordes. In a sea of BS, Floral Fairy Tale has remained clean and given me cut flowers all summer, one of the only roses to do so.

Anyway, I have a bunch of followup questions, and would love to hear more about my above list of roses so I can make the right selections and figure out the right placement in my landscape.

If you could only choose 3 of these climbers, which would you choose, and why? Also, can any of them be grown as a prostrate shrub alongside Rosarium Uetersen, which is currently being grown as a freestanding shrub cascading over a low retaining wall.
Jasmina -- how does a multiflora rambler grow, and does is that growth habit suitable for cascading over a wall?
Golden Gate
Aloha Hawaii
Rosanna 2002

Please provide mature size info for my list of roses in your garden. For example, lizalily said that Lion's Fairy Tale is 5' X 6'. The Kordes website says it is supposed to be 3' X 3'. Size would make a big difference in where I plant. I am in Midwest zone 5b.

Everyrose, where can I get Pink Panther and Francis Meilland own-root? Also, does anyone know if these ADR roses bred by Noack are offered own-root anywhere?
Gateway (large ruffled pink shrub)
Flashlight (large light pink shrub)
Inspiration (apricot bicolor HT)

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Campanula UK Z8

multiflora ramblers can, in my opinion, be fairly tricky to place. I have a few such as Goldfinch, Ghislaine de Feligonde, Purple Skyliner et al and they all tend to make bushy shrubs with many basals. A bit hopeless for training against a flat surface but terrific if given a bit of all round support. A low wall might be just the ticket as a rose like Jasmina could be raised high enough to allow the gazillion laterals to fall down, tumbling over the wall. I keep some of mine in order on chainlink fences or posts and rail, but only to keep some of the canes from falling around the floor. In general, they make plants which are as wide as they are tall. I do love Jasmina but it has suffered horribly this year with constant rain (balling and rotting). Pomponella is, I think, a classic container rose and has simply shrugged off the downpour. I especially like the fact that the majority of the ADR roses do NOT resemble HTs and are designed to take their place in a mixed planting while continuing to look good as part of a wider picture (in a landscape, if you will) rather than as single specimens.

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Jasmina has very soft petal and is not great in really rainy summers but so pretty and delicate - good fragrance too. Rosanna would be my pick for your climate in the climbers. Very easy to grow and a nice salmon pink bloom. Very good on black spot. Amedeus is a great red very healthy and hardy but wants to be a big climber - mine has gone 15 feet tall. It has a slight suceptability to black spot but pretty mild and usually just a few leaves on the base of the plant. Laguna is fragrant with old garden rose from - it is completely heathy for me and I have 10 growing on a fence. Another red you didn't have on your list is Red Corsair (ADR 2005)which puts on the most amazing display of glowing red flowers. I saw it at the no spray gardens at the NY Botanical Garden and it was great.

Lions FT does not get that big in my garden. I tink you will find if you spring prune that a typical height is 3-4 feet and maybe almost as wide. Kordes is located in northern Germany with a fairly short summer and some of the roses may be larger in warmer climates. I would thnk a 5b site would be fairly close to what Kordes says about the size of the shrub. My garden is a Zone 8 and I don't typically see that much differnce in size to what Kordes gives as size except in some of the shrubs which can be larger.

A suggestion for your site is Cream Veranda (aka Garden of Roses) which is a wonderful light amber floribunda. Compact not growing more than 3 feet tall and such pretty flowers. it has been doing very well in no spray trials - it won an ADR in 2009.

It is not true that ADR does not have HT type roses. I would strongly recommend Souvenir de Baden Baden which is a cream colored rose with a pink edge and won an ADR in 2010. Grande Amore is a very nice red HT that won in 2005.

A great new floribundas from Kordes with an ADR is Black Forest. Bright red flowers carried in trusses. A new introduction with excellent diease resitance is Poseidon - the first lavender with such good disease resistance.

Some things to know about the ADR. Really any roses awarded an ADR before 2000 were not trialed no spray so these roses may or may not be good on disease. It is a 3 year trial and you will find that some roses already on the market from Kordes in the N America may win the ADR in the future. Also since the space is limited in the ADR competition many very disease resistant roses are not entered due to the lack of space so not having an ADR does not mean it is not disease resistant. It is a bummer that all this advertising says "disease resistant" about every rose when it is far from the truth. Makes it difficult to chose the true disease resistant roses.

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

What about Golden Fairy Tale? Helpemfind.com has glowing reviews? You should also consider Buck roses and Easy Elegance roses. Liv Tyler is a Romantica.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

Cross connection to similar thread with other roses discussed via the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kordes roses verdict: excellent

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sandandsun(9a FL)

I hope you (and all of us with you) will get more responses. I'm guessing that the relative "newness" of these roses explains why we aren't hearing more.
Did you add any this year, or are you planning for spring next year?

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Admittedly, I only have a small sampling of Tantau and Kordes roses, but so far, I like the the Tantau roses much better than the Kordes. Evers has come up with some gorgeous and very different roses for Tantau in recent years, and I just don't see that unique variety in the Kordes roses. As far as performance, the situation is complicated by the fact that most of my Kordes and Tantau are grafted on multiflora, and my soil is alkaline. But still, the Tantau have out performed the Kordes under these conditions, too. Diane

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Pomponella and Cinderella have been good in my dry warm area. Cinderella in a warm area has flowers of pretty light pink color like beautiful full petaled bon bons. Spring bloom is best but I get sprinkles of flowers here and there all year. Pomponella takes a long rest between repeats. The shape is delightful. Both these roses have been disease free but took a few years to be reliable bloomers.

Jasmina got sent into a crape myrtle tree. She grows long flexible canes that I wind around in the top of the tree. In spring the flowers hang down like so many wisteria blossoms. I never get anything other than 1 long spring bloom but I don't go up and trim off the hips. She's got a good amount of thorns. This rose puts on a great show in a less than perfect location. This is a wind protected spot to give the flowers a longer life.

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Will be getting Grand Amore this coming spring. Have heard good reports on this red HT.

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I planted a 3 gallon own root Lion's Fairy Tale rose from Chamblees this past February. It gets lots of afternoon shade, which spares it from some of the summer heat here in Dallas. It has grown to about 6 feet and is completely disease free. The large blooms didn't have a scent all year until the last few blooms this fall (very faint scent). Great repeater though.

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I agree with Diane about the newer Tantaus but then I have little experience of new Kordes roses. Floral Fairy Tale is a good rose but not as strong as I could wish. I am taking part in a trial project with 123 private Swedish rose growers and I was given 5 new Tantau roses in spring. We had no choice as to varieties and I was sent 4 floribundas and one climber. I had room for no more. I am impressed with the floriferousness and health of Alabaster, Baronesse, Mariatheresia, Pastella, the floribundas, and Uetersener Klosterrose, the only climber. I am mainly an old rose grower but I have been won over by these roses. They have oldfashioned form and have flowered all summer into autumn. The foliage is a bit plastic looking but if that's the price for health I'm prepared to pay it. Pastella has the best scent among the lot , the others have a sweet and mild scent. HMF says that Baronesse is orange which is totally wrong, it is magenta rose but the colour is not at all harsh. I was afraid that it would clash with the others because I made a new bed for these trial roses.

Uetersener Klosterrose is absolutely beautiful and has a wild rose scent:

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sandandsun(9a FL)

Wow, always good to hear a fragrance report! Thank you.

When I originally used the term "plastic," I was trying to convey the seemingly indestructible and shockingly perpetual healthy look of the leaves. It wasn't meant as a pejorative. I used "plastic" for lack of a better analogy for those characteristics. Given lots of time to ponder it now, holly leaves without the high gloss have come to mind.

What I'm shocked by now (literally because it is that season) is that these leaves turn brown when they get old and during that browning transition I still don't observe any blackspot. Healthy to the end as it were. Who'd have thought that healthiness would take getting used to? It does make sense though, doesn't it, in the sense that one must adapt to new experiences? They exceed all my previous concepts of "healthy roses." The definition has changed and I'm still trying to adjust.

Also, it is valuable to hear that even among the new breed there not surprisingly exist picks of the litter.

And I'm not at all surprised to hear good things about Tantau roses, but has anyone else noticed that Noack name on the ADR list? I couldn't find any of the Noack roses that were fragrant, nor particularly distinguished beyond health - in due time, I suppose, but I couldn't help noticing that the name Noack appeared frequently on the list. Let no one mistake my comments for criticism. I realize that the Wright brothers did not immediately get us into orbit, for example, and I'm so very very grateful that we're getting off the ground. "Patience, you are a gardener," I tell myself and remind myself that instant gratification is the domain of florists. Somehow that last part may be true but it isn't comforting.

Otherwise, one of my young Fairy Tales informs me that it is beginning to feel at home. On a new impressive basal it is wearing seven leaflets instead of its younger version of five. I consider it a very nice Christmas present.

Happy holidays to all!

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Thank you, mariannese, for information on the Tantau test roses. Uetersener Klosterrose is lovely. I hope some of these new roses will be available in the U.S. in the future. Right now, I'm just wishing I could find a source for Tantau's Chippendale rose, and I hope to order Augusta Luise from Hortico soon.

I haven't been overly impressed with my three Sisters Fairy Tale roses, also known as House and Garden rose. I don't think Sisters is one of the more popular roses in the Fairy Tale series. Diane

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Lion's Fairy Tale - along with Innocensia are the only Kordes in my garden other than the older climber Westerland.

I planted two of LFT, expecting a really rewarding rose, falling for the marketing. They both grew about the same, planted under very good conditions, disappointing in almost all aspects.

It is not fair for me to evaluate LFT too harshly it being its first year in my garden, but it is rather unimpressive in all aspects. Its publicity photos sold it to me, expecting it to be a smaller version of the typical quartered English rose, such as the Austins. It's flower form was barely ever quartered, and if so continued onto a ho-hum fully open/boss showing rose you look at and move on to find something more soul stirring in the garden.

It got defoliating Black Spot about one third the way up by August...half way up right now (mild fall this year so foliage drop is late, just starting).

What little fragrance there is would almost cause one to say it has no fragrance, or none to speak of.

Not particularly vigorous. Made no basal break at all, just lateral growth all year.

Should stay about 2' tall and wide it seems, by what it did this year.

The ivory/creamy flower color is OK, has no kick/glow, and can look a little dingy in the garden...often the trouble with off white flowers. In a vase it brightens up. So I would say it has a good vase color, but fair to poor garden color.

How it does next year will determine if it gets shovel pruned.

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sc_gardener(zone 5)

I have had some kordes roses for about 3 years now. Eliza, very tall, I ordered it as a hybrid tea, really it is a grandiflora. It is almos6 six feet tall, not sprawly, quite upright stiff canes. Really very disease resistant. Flower form not great but a very easy hybrid tea.
Marie Luise Marjan - touted as disease resistant, not very at all here. Blooms a lot though. Will need to be sprayed. Not much scent, sprawly like an austin rose form. Just OK.
Pomponella - just OK, cute flower form first flush like little cupped balls, after that, the flower form is very muddled. Not much if any scent. Bush form is extremeley gawky. However it is the most disease resistant foliage.
Elegant fairy tale, nice cute little rose, my favorite out of the kordes. Keeps a nice bush form. disease resistant foliage.
Cinderella fairy tale - nice cute rose, again no scent. disease resistant foliage.
Carmella fair tale, OK sprawly, flower form is unique. Almost no scent. Stingy with the blooms.
All of these are cold hardy zone 5, I do not winter protect. None of the Kordes have much scent to speak of. Many have very vicious thorns.
Faves: Cinderella and Elegant fairy tale, very easy. And the easiest hybrid tea: Eliza. The other ones I could take or leave.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Some more Kordes roses that haven't impressed me are Party Dress with rather strange looking blooms (seen in photo) that shrivel in the heat and attract thrips. It's growth habit has been lousy, too. Then the worst rose in my garden: Caramel Antique, with gorgeous, long lasting blooms--all six of them; weak grower; and finally Blue Bayou, lovely porcelain like blooms that are the "bluest" of any rose I've ever seen, but incredibly delicate, lasting about an hour in our dry heat. Its only good in spring and the end of autumn. It's quite vigorous, though, and would do well in cooler areas. Diane

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sandandsun(9a FL)

If anyone has had a bad experience with these or any roses for that matter, I would shovel prune them all now - every one of them. And I would only plant Knock Outs from now on. Knock Outs are beautiful, healthy, can be fragrant show stoppers, bloom like mad nonstop right out of the pot, and never get blackspot or any other diseases I'm told. Knock Outs are the way to go. Won't need any other roses at all ever because they come in every color imaginable. No waiting required.

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nanadoll ... I have 2 Caramel Antiques & both are vigorous growers in my garden. Love the color, antique rose flower form & long lasting blooms. They do get a little black spot, so need to be sprayed & you need to disbud them if you want a nice single rose per stem for cut flowers. Also they recycle fast for a high petal count flower. I have Kordes' Osiria & like the flower of that rose but it is a very weak grower for me & on my shovel prune list for this spring. I'm wondering if my Osiria & your Caramel Antique aren't just a "runt" specimen that if replaced with a new specimen would do much better, I've had that happen in the past.

Planted Blue Bayou, Brother's Grimm FT, & Pompon Veranda last year & really liked all 3 but waiting to see how they come back this year before making a definite opinion on them.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

wirosarian, I think part of Caramel Antique's problems are due to the multiflora rootstock it's grafted on which doesn't like our alkaline soil. Other roses on multiflora that I grow haven't done nearly as badly as CA, though. Blue Bayou's bloom shriveling problem is strictly a localized thing due to our dry desert air. It's an excellent rose otherwise. The jury is still out on Party Dress since it needs another year, I think, before my final judgment on it. Diane
sandandsun, puleez...that's just bs about ko's.

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steelrose(z9 SF Bay CA)

Kordes roses do very well in my mild-climate California garden. Caramel Antique is an absolute champ--big, fancy blooms, vigorous growth, no disease. Sisters Fairy Tale is another standout. (I love pink roses which works out well for me since roses love to be pink.) Also Kosmos--lush foliage and ruffly flowers. And Escimo-simple charm.

Just goes to show--location is crucial to rose performance. Here, recent Kordes introductions have opened my mind to the idea that modern roses, even hybrid teas, can be healthy and beautiful when grown no-fuss, no-spray.


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Thorntorn my Lion's fairy tale took a very long time to get going. The polyanthas were growing taller than that rose! I thought I got something else by mistake because the flowers were so small. 2 1/2 years later, the little rose threw out 2 thick, tall canes which flowered with large creamy flowers that faded to palest cream-ivory. It's like an entirely different rose now.

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My Lion's Fairy Tale did the same thing that Kitty describes; it was three years, last summer, when it finally started to grow tall and bloom a lot.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My LFT unfortunately is now 10' tall, or it was until I hacked it back to a reasonable height. It finally decided it really, really liked Southern California, I guess. Same clean foliage, but waaaaaaaay too tall. No, I gave it zero fertilizer. It did the 10 feet on its own.

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sandandsun(9a FL)


You always make me ask! How old is your LFT?

A plant's age relative to its performance is key to helping novices understand the results of time and patience.

Your 12 year old Evelyn is a great example.

Thanks in advance.

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amandahugg(SS19 CA)

Visited NY Botanic in September (before Peter announced his retirement) and took notes on several from your list. It's a no spray garden.

Every one of the Kordes climbers were massive plants with clean foliage to the ground and not one bud in sight...not even any evidence of bloom all summer. Rosanna had the largest leaves and canes I think I've every seen.

There were assorted levels of foliage drop from black spot. Habits were kinda out of bounds on many. Pompanella was almost a climber but had lots of weirdly formed flowers. Like Margo Koster on steroids.

To me, the best is not on your list. That's Poseidon, the lavender Grandi, I think. It and Mother of Pearl (not Kordes) were striking on my visit, very clean and well behaved with lots of flower.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

My post about Knock-Outs above was inspired by Thorntorn's post about Lion's Fairy Tale. First year evaluations are meaningless.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

SaS, seven months later you decide to explain yourself? Very Ent-like, that.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Cinderella Fairy Tale (own root) is really great here, but she was pretty unimpressive -- or just cute -- the first few years. Apparently some of these guys need time to settle in (even their flower forms really change). Her blooms remind me of an Austin but with thicker petals. The color is a bit warm, very nice. She likes to go out more than up without some help, but she's not really floppy or flexible, just arched. I've never seen her ball, but that's not too much of a problem with most roses here. No scent that I notice.

I have Jasmina, but she's too young for me to say much about. She did have a nice spring bloom and is resistant to BS so far. She may have some scent. I noticed some, and that's a good sign (her first real bloom cycle).

Hands down, my favorite Kordes is a climber called Amaretto. I got her own root from RU back when they offered her. She gets larger than Kordes says here, but that works even better for me :) Her color is like Evelyn or maybe Colette, but she blooms better than them and doesn't need spray at all. She also has very nice large, orange hips. No fragrance to my nose. If you can find her, give her a try unless you need fragrance. Awesome rose!

RU has a good selection of Kordes roses own-root if y'all are looking for that. All my Kordes are own-root, now that I think about it.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

Over the past 3-4 years, I have slowly been replacing many of my older garden roses with recent Kordes introductions such as the Fairy Tale and Vigorosa series. My garden is organic and I do not spray pesticides or fungicides of any kind.

I also buy a lot of roses to trial in pots that are placed in areas of the garden where the pots aren't noticeable, but where the blooms and foilage are. I will also purposefully place new varieties next to roses that are suffering outbreaks of BS, mildew and even rust in order to test their general tolerances.

During this time, the new Kordes introductions have absolutely flourished here. Strong vigorous growth, bountiful blooms and rarely any disease to note.

I will be continuing this path of removing older and more disease prone varieties, as I much prefer having roses where the foilage stays clean and healthy all year and where my garden tasks are mainly reduced to sitting back with a beer or wine and admiring the blooms. If I have to get up now, it is to bring some blooms inside for my wife or to deadhead the roses and wait for the next beautiful flush.

Life is simply too short to grow bad roses.

This post was edited by the_morden_man on Mon, Jul 8, 13 at 10:44

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My Folklore band from Heirloom has been a horse since the day I got it, and very resistant. I also have Kosmos, which has a pretty bloom and nice scent but an odd growth habit..it has a couple long, flexible canes flopping over and growing laterals, so I think I'll wrap it around a birdbath or something.. very healthy plant, though. I'm in the fungal paradise of the PNW.

This post was edited by racin_rose on Mon, Jul 8, 13 at 11:17

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

that's a beautiful rose, racin!

My LFT is six now, I think. It's really going to town this year.

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

Like many of you, I'm always on the lookout for hardy disease resistant roses. I've been thrilled with Kordes' line of Fairy Tale Roses and some of the other Kordes roses as well. I grow Cinderella Fairy Tale, Red Riding Hood, Brother Grimm, Floral Fairy Tale, Kosmos Fairy Tale, Lions Fairy Tale, Poseidon, Aloha Hawaii, and Rosanna 2002 from the newer Kordes list (all from Palatine Roses) and they are amazing. Shiny disease resistant leaves, good winter hardiness, great re-bloomers - they still look good in late fall with no fungicide sprays at all. Poseidon is the only orchid rose I have ever grown that wasn't tender and a blackspot magnet - its disease free and tough.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

I found this pdf by Denver Rose Society Consulting Rosarian, Carol Macon. It is available for download from the link below.
She wrote it in 2009. I don't think it's been on the internet that long (might have been) - I can't believe I wouldn't have found it sooner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kordes Roses

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donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)

A few more Kordes well worth considering: Garden Delight, Beverly, Summer Sun, Winter Sun.

All are vigorous and healthy in our fungal paradise. Beverly has knock-you-over fragrance. Garden Delight is outrageously colourful and probably a little difficult to place in the garden as a result.

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I love my Kordes roses. My only complaint with Kosmos Fairy Tale is that it proliferates/bullnoses in less-than-perfect (too cool) conditions, but when it's "on" it's lovely. I have been thrilled to death with Folklore and Gitte and am picking up Beverly at a local nursery when they go on sale. I ordered Valencia from S&W for next year and have looked for Helmut Schmidt...but can't find it anywhere.

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sandandsun(9a FL)


Did you see that the Rose Hybridizer group agrees with you? Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis/Poseidon (mauve)

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

Thanks, Sandandsun! Poseiden continues to do well in my garden, as do all of my Fairy Tale roses. I've added Golden Fairy Tale, Elegant Fairy Tale, and Garden Delight (all Kordes newer super healthy roses from Palatine Nursery) this year and they are doing amazingly well. Like many of you, we suffered the Polar Vortex Winter From Hell here in Northern Michigan this past winter and I had to prune my roses to the ground, including climbers. But the Kordes Fairy Tale and Kordes Rosanna climbers took off like gangbusters. I haven't sprayed at all this season, and these roses are super clean - no blackspot. I'm gradually replacing many of my more BS prone roses, with a heavy emphasis on the ADR award winning Kordes roses since I no longer spray. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy so many hardy disease free roses here in the north!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Anyone know the performance (BS resistance) of Brilliant Veranda here in the northeast? Thanks!

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sandandsun(9a FL)


Thank you! How VERY nice of you.

I'd like to thank you and others in zone 4 and 5 for posting their HONEST experiences with roses that perform well in those zones without pampering.

Thank you to karenforroses, wirosarian, the morden man, and others.

Here's to y'all!

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