Roses blooming in winter?!

jumbojimmy(Australa)July 13, 2011

It's winter in my country. July is suppose to be the coldest month. Spring starts in September.

However, I noticed that some roses in my neighborhood still have their roses blooming! In the middle of winter? How weird! I see some Ice-berg roses, looking bare, but have heaps of blooms.

My Abraham Darby rose is begining to fill with leaves, whereas my other roses are dormant.

Can I feed my AB now in the hope that I will have early blooms? I can't wait to November for the spring flush. Will feeding my roses help them bloom or is it programmed in their genes that they bloom on a certain month?

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Where are you? Do you know the heat zone where you are gardening? I am assuming it is fairly warm. Here in CA (zone 9) we have roses (mostly teas and chinas) that bloom sporadically all winter. They are warm weather roses that originated in Asia. I usually prune & feed my roses in the middle of winter. They won't bloom any earlier, but as they are actively growing, I think it gives them a head start. However, you should not do that if there is any chance of a freeze - the new growth would die. That's why I asked about your climate.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Jimmy is in Australia, but I don't remember if on the coast or inland.

Jimmy, sometimes here I can have roses in December if the temps have been in the mild range through the fall, probably 8 - 10 C (45 - 50 F), and some rain. Similar to early spring. I use organic fertilizers, but they will continue to decompose if the soil temps are warm enough, so the plants are still being fed. I wouldn't fertilize now, just in case you do get a cold snap, you don't want tender new growth to be killed off. Enjoy the blooms!

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