Acapulco Trio Agastache

echinaceamaniac(7)August 4, 2011

I bought several pots of these for a dollar on the clearance rack at Lowes. It's like 3 colors in each bunch. Orange, salmon, and a purplish color. They are all doing great so far. I hope they overwinter well. They smell so good and I love the colors with my Echinaceas and Russian Sage.

Anyone have experience with these?

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Grow them in a place where they won't be subjected to winter wet. That kills them off more than the cold. Nice sunny dry place suits them fine.


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Thanks. I put them in 4 different areas. One has lots of sand in the soil. It's nice getting them for a dollar. The original price was around 9 dollars! Several of them are blooming again. I love them!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Great deal! I winter sowed some Sunset Hyssop this year and most of the plants are doing well, some are even beginning to flower. I transplanted all of my WS seedlings into 2 1/2" pots in the spring and they have been sitting because the dear boyfriend hasn't gotten around to help me get the bed they're all going into tilled up and amended (running out of time fast). So they dry out quite quickly, and seem to be just fine with that.


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I think the smell is the best of any Agastache I've grown. It smells like sweet mint. I really like the smell. It makes me want to pick some for a vase.

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Nancy zone 6

I got some of the Acapulco agastache on Lowes clearance rack earlier this season & it has really grown & been blooming since I got it. I'm loving this plant. Hope I can collect seed & plant lots more. I'm hoping I put it in a good spot, but sure would like to have lots more.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

HihoHiho, it's off to Lowes I go...

I hope ours has some, too! Will check tomorrow!

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Acapulco will hate wet winter, as mentioned. Mixing in a bit of sharp gravel to the soil can help with drainage. Don't cut back the agastache until you see basal new growth next spring.

They will actually overwinter better when not hit by the morning sun when there is a frost. In my garden, the agastache on the south and west (I have nothing on the north but woods) sides of the house do better than on the east side due to that morning sun... same with my salvias.


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Every single plant over-wintered! I have rooted cuttings of all of them as well! They rooted in about 3 days. The bees and butterflies are in for a treat this year.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Awesome! Pictures when they bloom! It looks like all of my winter sown agastache rupestris from last year survived, but the squirrels keep wanting to dig some up. Grrr! I need to kill me some squirrels.


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Hi E-maniac.

Can you share details of what you did to do up your cuttings please?

In my zone I have to buy a new agastache Acapulco salmon and pink new each year, that is if I can find it. One year no greenhouse had it, one said they'd been told there'd been a low success rate on the cuttings. I love the plant, it can take our 100 km winds with zero damage, unlike many other plants, and it seems to be the plant the hummingbirds prefer, over the summer jewel salvia and the black and blue salvia. I managed to overwinter lobelia cardinalis in my garage last winter because the hummers used it (and the agastache wasn't available) and this summer the hummers went to the agastache and ignored the lobelia.

I am going to try to overwinter the agastache in the garage if I can find help to haul the big pot. We had 2 nights of -5 and although the blooms died, foliage looks undamaged and smells great.

Thank-you in advance.

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Thanks ecenaceamaniac for reporting your results with the Trio. I just bought one of these at Lowes and came a Googlin' and found your post.

One thing: there are three plants in this container. Did you separate the plants? The tag says 18" apart, which would seem to indicate the distance between plants. How did you handle this? I'd like to repeat your success.



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I planted them together as they were in the pot. This is the 3rd year that every single plant returned here. They obviously like Tennessee. I did add lots of composted cow manure to these beds. It's the Black Kow brand I found at Lowes. It has some sand in it.

To root these I take the cuttings and dip in rooting powder. I put them under constant lighting from a shop light. I covered them with plastic and poked a few holes in the plastic. They need more air than other cuttings. Keep them damp but not soggy.

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Thanks for the reply! I went and bought two more to jazz up the gardene along the driveway! We'll see how it goes in zone 5!


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I got this plant last year loved it but this year it is not what it should be. it is a monster and does not smell like mint. This is the second plant I got at Lowes that did this to me.

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