Roses on west facing fence

kansJuly 22, 2014


I am very new to gardening. We have recently moved to a new house. I have a west facing fence and thought roses would look good there. So I ordered 18 bare root and planted them last week.

Now the problem is the area where the roses are gets just 3 hours of direct sun , out of which 4 roses just gets 1 hour of direct sunlight. We just moved here 6 months back and don't remember how much sun light that spot gets in sping and summer.

Currently it gets from 12 - 3pm. I am really upset and worried for these roses :(..

I live in Melbourne , Australia. We have a good summer here. Is there any chance this 3 hours would be more hours of sunlight in spring / summer?? Its really a bright spot.

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If I were you I would find someone who grows roses in your area to consult. See if there are any rose societies - they will be happy to help you.

However, as I live in a warm climate, as I believe you do, I will tell you what I know about "hours of sunlight" here in Northern California from my direct experience.

I have over 100 roses, and only a very few of them get "6 hours of direct sun". Nonetheless, they grow, bloom, and are happy. I think this is one of those old "rules" that originated in England, where the climate is so cool and damp that it probably makes sense. In warm or hot climates, I would not worry about roses, especially on a "West facing fence", in a bright spot, that get 3 hours of sun (in what I think is your winter?).

If they were mine, I would WAIT and see how they grow. This may take several months - patience is a virtue!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Some roses, like hybrid musks, do all right in less than 6 hours sun, but for most roses, I think you will find that they are not quite as floriferous and are slower on the re-bloom and perhaps have more BS problems than roses grown in 6 or more hours of sun. I have a double Knock Out in full sun and another one that only gets 3-4 hours sun, with maybe some passing sunlight as the day progresses. The sunny Knock Out blooms twice as much and much more frequently than the shady one--but the good news is that the shady one does bloom and looks very nice in bloom--you will just have to put up with it looking only like a green bush a good part of the time.

By all means--try it out since they are already planted, and let us know how it goes. In the meantime, during the next year or two, you might keep an eye out from several good sunny places to move them to if, indeed, they don't exactly thrive in their present placement.

Good luck.


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Thanks guys! Will give it a try.

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