Can maple be used as mulch?

jtown_4October 31, 2009

Recently we needed to remove a very large silver maple tree for replacement of septic. After grinding the stump, a lot of maple wood chips are left. Can I use these wood chips as mulch? Can I use them as mulch at the foundation of my house?

In the past I have used cedar mulch.If not good for mulching, can I use them in my wood stove?

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Yes, you can use them as mulch.

I have heard that it's not a good idea to pile mulch next to a foundation ... termites might move intothe mulch and then into the house.

They don't work well in a wood stove (small chips = lots of smoke)

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Anybody know about artillery fungus in Silver maple? I would check that out before using next to the house, it's nasty stuff.


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Maple wood chips can be used as a mulch just as any other wood chips can be. If the wood was still green when that wood was chipped it will not make a very good fuel in a wood stove since it will require more heat to burn then it would generate,
I know people that have had termites in their house and they did not have any garden beds around the house much less any mulch and I know people that have had wood chips on garden beds next to the foundation and have not, yet, seen any sign of termites. Woody mulches next to the house are not necessarily the reason one has termites.

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kikifoow(9: Bay Area)

Maple is certainly usable as a mulch, go ahead and use it.

Not goood using any wood in small chips in the fire, as stated, too smoky.

NEVER use ANYthing right up against your house that could be an aid to letting water get onto the house above the level where the house has been set at time of building. If you pile anything up against your house (wood/mulch/bricks/ANYTHING) you are inviting water to get into your house, PERIOD! I have helped fix these problems for friends way too many times over the years from people who just slap a garden bed up against the house without bothering to make sure the water etc can't get into the house.

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