mushrooms growing in the compost bin

mgb1October 30, 2007

I've been composting (black plastic bin) for about a year. This morning I checked on some compost that is almost done and there were about 2 dozen or so 6" long mushrooms growing in the bin. Having not seen this before I'm wondering why they now suddenly appreared.

Not being an expert on mushrooms, I'm wondering if they're edible or not. I also folded them back in to the compost but got to thinking if they are poisonous or psychoreactive can I still use the compost in my winter season vegetable garden?

Thank you

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They appeared because spores from some kind of mushroom landed in the compost when conditions were right for the mushrooms to grow. You may have had more woody material this time. They're just a part of the composting process.

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The compost is safe to use on your garden. Even if the mushrooms are dangerous (they probably are not safe to eat which is the general rule about mushrooms unless you are an expert or get them at the grocery) it is your veggies you plan to eat and not the compost I hope.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Mushrooms/toadstools growing in compost bins is quite common and perfectly normal but as a search here will show, it is a common question often asked by those new to the composting process. ;) If you want more assurances that it is nothing to worry about, just do a search using the title of your post for many previous discussion about it.

Happy composting!


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man_oh_man(5/Eastern Ia)

let em grow they will help decompose all the stuff you put in it.

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