Tree ID please

tarheel_fan(7)July 12, 2013

Just moved here 4 months ago and I'm trying to figure out what kind of tree this is. I also would like to know if it is to big to move to another place in yard. The leaves are forming a pod almost with this green ball inside. Thanks for the help.

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koelreuteria paniculata or goldenrain tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

though the link doesnt call it invasive.. it says it does escape...

and you ought to be finding seedlings around the yard ...

now.. move it.. ??

NO.. its a piece of carp.. with that horrible bark included Y ...that looks like it is already festering something..

not to mention it looks improperly planted.. as i see no root flare ...

and i see improper pruning.. where someone left a 3 to 5 in dead part ....

you can do so much better than this tree .... go plant your own mistakes.. rather than in vesting.. in the prior owners problem ...IMHO..


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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One of the few times I agree with Ken!

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Not sure what pics your looking at Ken. The pics I see show a tree with a two inch stub with an easily recognizable line where the stub should be removed.There is no included bark on this branch attachment. If the mulch where removed away from the stem (as it should be ) you will see the root flare beginning to form. This tree is thriving - doubtful if there is any planting errors. At this point in time (3-4''+ caliper), probably best that you hired a tree spade if you need to move it.
40 ' tall, medium to fast growing, lush compound leaves, relatively minor problems, and beautiful 12'' long yellow flower panicles in early summer.
Some like chocolate, some like vanilla.

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