Kousa dying

marymiskJuly 14, 2014

I have two Kousa's in my landscaping. Both are about 7 years old and had been doing well up until last year when they started to look a little less happy but still ok. One of them died in May and the other one has been having sections dying slowly. I had figured the really bad winter may have damaged them as I had more landscaping die (or nearly die) this year than I've ever had but now I'm thinking it's more than just a bad winter.

Both were in well drained beds. Full sun for the most part. I have seen small ants in both beds. Could those be an issue? I've also read they are susceptible to a certain fungus. Could that be my issue here?

I've posted pictures of the dead tree and the one that is dying. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to save this tree if possible. Thank you.


OK. It's only letting me post one picture. I will try to host the others elsewhere.

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