Henry Eilers Rudbeckia

ginnierAugust 18, 2014

This is the first year for Henry Eilers to bloom...and I have sooo looked forward to it. It's got about 8 blooms/stems with sideshoots and blooms coming. It IS only 2.5 feet tall and I expected 3.5 at least. It's in full sun and I'm not big on watering things. I hope it grows a bit each year...There's nothing to hinder its growth other than the lawn mower, well, and lack of water, but we've had some good rains this year so far.

Does anyone else grow this and it does well for them? I was wondering too about collecting seed...has anyone done that and had success from planting them?

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I grow this and I really enjoy it. Mine, however, is taller, probably at least 3.5 feet tall. I'd say it's about three years old, and it grows in part shade as well. And I neglect my gardens terribly. :)

I've never attempted to collect seed from them so I can't help there. I hope yours does well for you!


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Most cultivars don't grow true from seed and return to some more simple or original version

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I have had HE for a few seasons. The previous 2 it had done well but this season with individual stems about 4 feet tall they are flopped. This hadn't been the case previously. And the only thing different this year is the cooler temps and significant rain fall.

(I notice that there is also a "Little Henry Eilers" available this year).

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