7 beautiful bales of Pro-Mix

lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)February 11, 2010

We were at the feed store today and they had 7 big bales of Pro-mix in stock!

If you are in Southeast Ohio and need Promix, the CoAlliance feed store in Jackson has it - and they even load it in your vehicle for you.

Today was snowy and the roads were crummy - but seeing that beautiful mountain of Pro-mix just warmed my heart. I was tempted to buy more just because it was there! But I've still got plenty on hand so I left it for other nearby WSers.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pro-mix mountain!

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Feeling the love, Lynda! Nothing like a fresh bale of pro-mix. :) I am torn between feeling envious and relieved that I don't need seven bales of Pro-mix. Two usually gets me through.

happy sowing!


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jessewo(5 PA)

Throw in a seed swap arriving in the mail & you've got a perfect day! I'm disappointed in the link though-I wasn't expecting a map-I wanted to see a pretty picture of that lovely "mountain"!

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pam_chesbay(VA 8a/7b)

Lynda: Having plenty of Pro-Mix is always good news. I'm on bale 3 out of 4, but have a reliable source if I need more.

For folks who want Pro-Mix, try Southern States. (link below) If they don't carry it, they can usually get it for you (and take it to your car). Southern States is in states that are not in the south. When I searched for stores in NY and NH, I found several including Agway stores. In Ohio, they list Landmark stores, in addition to feed and grain stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern States Store Locator

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

I really wish they sold Pro-mix down here!!!!!! I've never found it anywhere! Enjoy it! :)

~Wendy / sassyb.

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

Jessew - I did get a nice big bubblie mailer of seeds from a friend today too!



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I am jealous. I could only find Promix garden soil here. I did not think it was the right thing since it did not say potting mix. SO I got more miracle grow...

At first I thought you meant you bought 7 bayles of promix. I was going to say wow, that would fill a lot of containers :)


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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

FWIW, you can make your own Pro-Mix BX really cheap. I buy ingredients in bulk from the local farmer's cooperative, and use it for my swc's. The recipe is roughly 80% peat, 15% perlite, and 5% vermiculite. Doing it yourself saves at least 50% on costs.


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terrene(5b MA)

Lynda, I wanted to see a big mountain of Pro-mix too. :)

Engineer, I think I'm going to do that next year. The local Ace hardware ordered a bale for me, which was great, but later I was thinking it would be fairly easy to make a home-made mix. Supposedly, you should add some dolomite lime to the mix and a little slow-release fertilizer probably wouldn't hurt either.

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