Zone 8ers, putting out your annuals yet?

katy_bug(z8a GA)February 7, 2013

I am working on the petunias tomorrow. Next will be the 'maters. I am having a hard time waiting on the other tender annuals.

What is everyone else doing?

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))


I've got some flowers and veggies set out on my winter sowing table. (a few sprouts have popped up this week) I also have some Moon Flowers that I started a few weeks ago in seed trays, they are already 5 inches tall (thick stem, not leggy at all)
I will put the Moon FLowers out next week.
The veggies have to wait a little longer as they are going to the garden and it is located about 15 miles north of my home.

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I'm still working on perennials and veggies. I got broccoli and cabbage sowed today and peas on Tuesday.

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Marigolds, vinca, and zinnia are in the seedlings stage. I plan to plant the veggies Monday. Tomatoes are getting their true leaves. Can't wait to try some new things!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Wow, wait... when you say "putting out" - are you referring to planting???!! Sorry, might be a silly question, but I *am* in zone 6, lol - a very snowy zone 6!

Didn't mean to butt in to a zone 8 conversation, lol... guess I'm just a little jealous....


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katy_bug(z8a GA)

Nope, not planting yet. I meant putting out containers.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Phew. Now I feel better! Even I have annuals out, in that case.


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