Ragged blooms on Belinda's Dream?

phasedweasel(7b)July 25, 2014

Good morning. My 1st year Belinda's Dream's blooms tend to come out with brown, raggedy edges. I'm attaching a photo which includes several new blooms (in the last day or two). For context, I'm in Durham, NC (7b), and we've had low temps, partial clouds and rain for the last week or so.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I don't know how to stop the brown edges, but in the meantime, snap off those spent blooms and with the full blooms, gently reach under them and rip off the ugliest of the brown petals.

You'd be surprised how much better the bush looks if you just do that.

Good luck.


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I have 7 Belindas Dream in a hedge at the shop are covered in blooms, but they get bruised and soggy when it rains.

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I don't have B'sD but what particentral tells you may be the problem. I have a couple of roses (Dr. Buck's 'Hawkeye Belle' being a good example) that if overhead watered, rained on or even a heavy dew covering, will cause their flower petals to turn brown & yucky looking.

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Interesting, and thanks! I never thought about excess water, but it's been crazy raining here off and on for a week. It's also super dewey until maybe noon the next day even on sunny days - ah the humid south.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

BD is highly susceptible to botrytis petal blight and balling. In our climate you can lose an entire flush during cool, wet weather.

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I agree with the wise MichaelG, botrytis blight. Pray for sunlight and less damp weather. No one needs a drought (especially not me or California).

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I've also had a problem from time to time with BD doing the same thing, but when the conditions are right, it's worth the wait.

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I have balling as well when it rains but it seems to be the rain itself damages the roses. Part of my hedge is under the roofline and those flowers don't do that. It's only the ones in the open. I just pruned it back a good bit to help with this.

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Any rose so packed full of petals is going to do this in rainy conditions. It is the price we pay. Vanity knows no pain.

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