Identify tree/berries

CJEbertJuly 29, 2014

Hello all,

Was hoping you could help me identify another tree that is growing near my office building, and also the berries growing on it. There are actually quite a few of these growing around the industrial park where I work. I'm living in (what this site dictates as) Zone 5.

You can check out the attached picture for some visual details of the trunk, leaves, and berry clusters. The tree seen in the picture is about 15 feet tall, but some of the others I've seen are at least 20 feet.

I did some research of my own and I believe it MAY be Amelanchier (with the berries being Juneberries), but I'm not 100% sure and was hoping to maybe get some input from some folks who are more knowledgeable than I.

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Will also do my best to answer any follow-up questions any of you might have to help ID.

Thanks again!

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Almost certainly some type of crabapple.

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I would guess crabapple too. Are the fruits firm? My Juneberry has softer fruit than my crab, plus the fruit is long gone. The Juneberry blossoms on my tree also don't have the flush of pink that my crab does.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Apart from the leaves and fruit the bark says apple.

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