Before and After

missmary(6b)July 21, 2014

I have to do this in two posts because I can't manipulate whatever-i-need-to to get both pictures in one post.

So this is my Livin Easy BEFORE (2012):

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.....and this year 2014 (sorry, the first picture was last year - 2013)

This is what my Livin Easy was reduced to after our cold winter. It's actually grown a bit; it was barely a bud when I decided it was worth nursing back to health

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It was a tough winter for a lot of gardens. Sorry to see what happened. Optimism is part of gardening, though. :)

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johnnycabot(Z4b MI.)

oh awful -but she is worth nursing back. Mine also died to the ground and is looking so much healthier however much smaller than your first rose ever was. Did you give her a good "kick in the pants" feeding? Mine came back just in time for the ?+@! Japanese Beetles to attack. (sensored)

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I think a lot us can feel your pain from last winter. Yesterday I noticed a bush with a cane that was dark brown and sort of pinched at the bottom, like it was going to die. Probably when I spring pruned some die-back made it's way to the crown. It may take another season to fully learn the effect of last winter. Good luck!

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seil zone 6b MI

Be patient. If the root ball is good it will grow back. I had many roses look like that coming out of this winter. Keep it watered and fed and it should rebound.

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The thing about feeding it is I haven't been confident about whether I should be treating it as a first year plant (no fertilizing) or a 2nd year plant. So - in early June I did put down a conservative amount (not a "kick in the pants" amount) of organic food - either Rose tone or Milorganite, I can't remember which. Then last week I gave all my roses a fish emulsion feeding.

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