Why do my rose leaves have holes?

pickindaisiesJuly 11, 2012

Hi! I have a knockout Rose bush I planted over a year ago and it's grown great! It's in part shade and does get some pine needles in the soil on top. This summer I noticed the plant's leaves have a lot of holes in them. At first I thought it was because our landscape lighting was "burning" them but then I realized it was the whole plant not just the part by the light. Anyone have a clue?

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What kind of holes? Teenie, tiny ones, or circles & half circles about the diameter of a dime? If the latter, it is leaf cutter bees and not to worry. They don't hurt your rose, and it will stop in a while.

If some other kind, pls describe or post a picture.


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I will have to add a picture. They are teeny tiny holes. I think there is some whitish coloring around each hole on the leaf too. . . .

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roseblush1(8a/Sunset 7)

Sounds very much like rose slug larvae damage, to me.

Here are a couple of links to threads about rose slugs found by doing a search on this forum with some interesting information. There may be other threads on the Antique Rose Forum.





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Okay, I uploaded the photo. Can someone give me their opinion on this? Soil has a lot of pine needles on top, gets part shade.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

The smaller, white spots are from rose slugs (sawfly larvae, green worms) feeing on the underside of the leaves. You can wipe them off with your thumb. See the threads linked by roseblush1.

The large circular holes are from leaf-cutter bees, which do not need to be controlled. There is a thread about them currently on the front page.

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