Help, can I save this cherry tree?

jillb(z6 OH)July 13, 2014

I have two ornamental cherries in the front of the house, they are 8 years old and I am afraid I am losing one to some thing horrible. The one has a terrible split in its bark and yellowing leaves - in the past this tree would yellow early and drop some in the summer but I am afraid it's the beginning of the end- any advice?

If I lose it do I replace with another, if not I need to replace both trees with something else or it will look silly.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yes you are ... be dont with it ..

planted too deep

sunscald ..

i bet it was a large transplant.. and water might not have been perfect ...

and this winter.. cold damage ...

if this were out on my back 3 acres.. i would enjoy seeing what happens...

i would not enjoy it in front of that house ...

your biggest problem.. is that whatever happens.. will happen in tree years ...

it might recover in the next 5 years.. but those low down suckers arent a good sign ...

or it might die in 5 years ...

to my mind.. the problem is.. i wouldn not want THAT TREE in fron of that house for 5 years.. wondering what will come of it ...

i dont know what your budget is.. but i dont see how you will match a new tree with the old ...


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jillb(z6 OH)

Makes me so sad - I love these trees. Don't think it was planted too deep as we had pros do it, it could be mulched too high. They were not transplants in the sense we moved them, they were young when we panted them.

The trees are now about 10' high, have no idea what it would cost to replace the one - but if I did (and not sure I can) would the area be diseased? Or is this just sunscald?

Any suggestions on replacement trees (would need two) and don't want anything too massive - we have a beautiful black hills spruce, kousa dogwood and little leaf linden in front, so want to keep these ornamental and flowering - but if I have to redo I do not want to deal with suckers.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

How big were they at transplant? My first thought was the trunk bounced off some part of a truck or trailer and it just took awhile for the wound to show although the early fall color was a sign of stress.

It does seem the mulch mount is hiding the root flare. Maybe that hurt. I had two silver maples go rotting from the base because the previous owner piled his clippings on them.

Far as what to do....Man, I hate to cut down a healthy tree but I understand your desire for symmetry. How about in the fall plant whatever as a replacement then if it still bothers you by next spring or fall buy another of the replacement.

BTW, and nothing against the fellas on here, but I would not trust the professionals. I see repeated lazy short cuts exposed by the Tree Forum pros and suspect the desire for cheap labor gets substandard help out to plant many trees.

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