Is this Fire blight?

muminutah(5)July 31, 2014

My apple tree leaves started turning brown, and falling off, about half the tree is affected now. I had it pruned in the spring, and sprayed for Coddling Moth in the spring. I have my lawn fertilized by a company, but no other plants or trees are affected with this. It gets enough water.

It looks like the leaves on the top of the tree turned brown first, and then it started traveling down the tree. The leaves underneath are still mostly green.

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probably not fire blight, maybe graft failure. Usually fire blight leaves hang on and eventually turn brown leaves do in the fall. Also, there is the shepard's crook and the brownish liquid that may be seen early on when a strike hits. Fire blight enters through the blooms or hail injury. It's a little late for fire blight to start unless one of the above conditions have occurred.

I just had an apple tree do the same as you describe and it was not fire blight. I removed the tree as I do not care to watch slow death and I can use the space for a new tree.

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Not fireblight. Could also be apple scab, although that usually presents much earlier in the growing season, at least in my neck of the woods.

Probably have to send leaves into diagnostic lab if you want it nailed down with precision.


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